Facebook Update 2020: You Can Now Activate The New Facebook Interface With Dark Mode

If there is one thing that remains constant for life, then that is Change. And, it happens in all fields, including technology. One of the most significant changes of this decade is the new Facebook update which provides a complete makeover to the interface, which I might say has remained the same from many years.

The latest look termed as FB5 and nicknamed as New Facebook provides a different experience with the same fun as the Old Facebook used to provide. One of the most sought after features included is the Facebook Dark Mode.

The update has already reached to almost all mobile application users and has now started to roll out for desktop versions. Another important observation is that Facebook’s new interface is either White or Black and has lost the traditional Blue touch completely.

When Will The New Facebook arrive?

Facebook Update 2020 - Logo

The desktop users would start receiving the updates since March 2020 and will be completed by April this year. The mobile users have started receiving the updates during the last couple of months of 2019, and you did not get it yet; make sure you have updated your Facebook app.

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How To Activate The New Facebook Update On Your FB Account?

As I have mentioned earlier that Facebook has increased its speed of rolling out this update to all its users and probably you might have received it but did not notice it. Here are the steps to activate the new Facebook mode:

Step 1. Open any browser on your computer and login into your Facebook account.

Step 2. Once logged in, click on Setting, which is generally located on the top bar towards the right.

Step 3. From the Settings drop-down, look for the option labelled as “Switch to New Facebook” and click on it.

Facebook Update 2020 - Switch to new facebook

Step 4. You will get a prompt welcoming you to the new Facebook and highlighting the new essential features. Click on Next button.

Facebook Update 2020 - Welcome screen

Step 5. The next prompt will ask the user to choose between the Light and Dark mode. You can always change between both the modes anytime you wish. Click on Get Started.

Facebook Update 2020 - Choose Mode

Step 6. You will then observe that the user interface of your Facebook has changed completely. You will also get a notification stating that users can switch back to classic mode anytime, pointing to the drop-down above.

Facebook Update 2020 - Switch to Classicfacebook.jpg

Step 7. When I clicked on the drop-down, not only I got an option to go back to the classic mode, but also there was toggle switch to turn the dark mode on or off.

Facebook Update 2020 - enable Dark Mode

There you have it! – The New Facebook Interface and that too with an Amazing Dark Mode.

Facebook Update 2020 - Dark Mode (1)

For those who did not like the New Facebook look, let’s continue with steps on how to get back.

Step 8. Click on the small downward triangle located on the top right corner, and click on Switch to Classic Facebook.

Step 9. You will again receive a prompt asking for feedback on the new interface and reasons why would you switch back. You can either choose to provide your input or skip it.

Facebook Update 2020 - Feedback

Step 10. It will revert to your original Facebook look almost instantly. A notification will be displayed notifying you that you can return to the new version anytime.

Facebook Update 2020 - New facbook Prompt (1)

Note: If you do not find the new update as per the steps described above, then there is nothing much we can do but wait to receive the update.

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What Are The New Features Offered By This Facebook Update?

The most noted features of the new awaited Facebook update include interface design and functionality changes like:

A Better light mode

Facebook users will have to let go of the existing old and dull look and adapt to the new energetic, simpler and brighter contemporary look. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg displayed the new white look for the first time at the F8 Conference in 2019.

A Dashing Dark mode

For all those who are updating themselves with dark modes in almost applications, including Windows 10, the good news is that Facebook has finally inculcated a Dark mode with its web version and mobile app.

News Feed

Apart from the interface design changes, there are some changes in how it functions, and the most noted is the Change-related to News Feed. Facebook has always believed that friend and families should always be our priority in our social lives and hence, has decided to double down on group communities which means there will a change observed in the content visible to us. This also means that there would be fewer updates from the news feed.

Groups and Events

Facebook believes that groups and events are the most important reasons why one billion + people prefer Facebook. It considers that the new interface update will play a more significant emphasis on how people can view Groups and Events. The feed for groups will also serve up recent activity within groups you’re a member of and may even replace the News Feed as the default feed.

Other features

Facebook has also assured that it will soon introduce Chat for Gaming groups and improve interactions speed and quality for Facebook Live especially for those who use it for commercial purpose

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Will you go for the new Facebook interface with the Dark Mode or not?

Facebook had been in the news quite a lot due to misinformation and privacy issues. But the largest social media organization has committed to handle fake videos and prevent the spread of wrong information via its platform.  With the promise of a safer and agreeable place for users, the new Facebook UI would act as an icing on the cake to regain its customers.

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