Facebook TV: All You Need To Know

Facebook has been the best platform to stay connected with your friends and relatives. There, you get a wider audience and engage people in discussions as well. Moreover, several people have made this as a platform to get the latest news feeds. Now Facebook is entering the realm of television.


This summer, you could be beating the heat while watching TV on your favorite social media platform: Facebook. Yes, you heard it right! Facebook is all set to launch live broadcasting in this mid-June. They will telecast two dozen of shows at the start. Facebook would have the big banner, successfully running programs to allure the users. Another category would be shorter videos lasting about 10 minutes. The best part is you don’t have to wait for the next episode of the shorter videos for long as they would be telecasted the next day. You would be able to watch the videos under a redesigned video tab in the app.

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According to Business Insider, Facebook has decided to use VR film studio, Oculus Story Studio for a dating show, wherein contestants will first encounter over VR before meeting in real life. If we talk about some high-end shows, then you must count House Of Cards and Scandal in.

Exciting, right!!

According to Zuckerberg, “The goal is going to be creating some anchor content initially that helps people learn that the video tab a great destination where they can explore, and come to Facebook with the intent to watch the videos that they want. And then the long-term goal is not to be paying for specific content like that, but doing a revenue share model once the whole economy around video on Facebook is built up.”

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All the social media companies have been planning big. Not only Facebook has thought of adding this new feature, YouTube has announced to launch YouTube Red to allure the viewers with 5-6 free shows and if subscribed, it is planning to offer 15-20 YouTube Originals. Snapchat has also reportedly focused on TV and entertainment business. Facebook will be targeting Teenagers as viewers for the most of the imminent programs. Well, the question is whether teens would take interest in watching the shows on social networking website or app. It sounds like there might be an opportunity here for Facebook to use this platform as a medium to proceed towards its ambitions as a live video source, since users could broadcast to the TV app.

Now, we must wait and watch, whether social media giant is going to allure the attention of the viewers with its original content and big banner shows or will it become arch enemies to Netflix or will it go on another path and emerge as a platform for which TV is famous for?

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