Facebook Portal: All You Need to Know!

The ways how we communicate with our loved ones has surely evolved over time! From letters to emails to video calls, technology has certainly got us far ahead in connecting us with our close ones. Recently, Facebook has joined the league along with Apple and Google in the world of video calls and smart displays. Yes, that’s right.

Facebook Portal and Facebook Portal Plus are two latest smart displays specifically designed for video calling purposes. And yes, it also comes with Amazon Alexa built-in support which makes your experience smoother. You can simply use Alexa by saying “Hey Portal” command and it’ll be there for your service.

facebook portal plus

Not just Alexa, even YouTube is now a part of Facebook Portal gadgets announced earlier this week. Apart from video calling, you can use Portal in a variety of ways like you use it to play videos from Facebook Watch, Food Network, or Newsy. So, before we go further let’s learn a bit more about what is Facebook Portal and what it is capable of.

What is Facebook Portal?

what is portal facebook

Facebook Portal and Portal Plus are latest yet awesome smart displays by Facebook which offer you a whole new way to connect with your friends and family just like you’re in the same room even if you’re miles apart. Its smart camera follows the action and keeping you in frame even when you move around. The sound experience on Portal is also out of the world, as these gadgets specifically focus on your voice minimizing all the background noises.

Managing privacy on Facebook Portal is also easy, as whenever you need to disable camera and sound you can do it via a single tap. You can anytime connect with your friends from Facebook Messenger, even if they don’t have Portal either one on one or a group call however you like it! Facebook Portal devices can surely be an integral part of your smart home. When you’re not on call, it can display photos, videos, and reminds you of important events.

smart camera facebook portal

With Amazon Alexa’s smart built-in ability, you can ask any questions, check the weather, or set the mood via lights. Facebook Portal and Portal Plus offers you a whole new way of connecting with your favorite people even if they’re not around, you’ll feel them near!

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Facebook Portal VS Facebook Portal Plus

One of the major differences between Facebook Portal and Portal Plus is about the size of course. The Portal has 720-pixel resolution and a 10.1-inch screen, on the other hand Facebook Portal Plus has 1080p HD resolution and a 15.6-inch screen.

Facebook Portal Plus

Apart from this, Portal Plus offers two different screen orientations which be landscape and portrait. However, Portal is stuck on landscape mode always.

Is it Secure?

facebook portal secure

When it comes to security and privacy, a majority of users cannot trust the name of Facebook this easy, right? Buy yes, like they say Facebook has surely learned its lesson and offers an advanced level of security of Portal devices. All your video calls will be high end encrypted and the data will certainly not used for advertisement purposes. The only data which Facebook will keep track of will be about how many calls you make, for how long do your calls last, frequently used commands on Portal and so on.

Just Remember…

If you’re planning to gift this device to a friend on Christmas, who’s not on Facebook then you might have a hard time convincing them. Yes, that’s right! The only catch associated with Facebook Portal devices is that you should be an active Facebook member.

So folks we hope this blog covered all your doubts about what is Facebook Portal and how can you use it to connect with your loved ones! If you have any other queries on mind, feel free to hit the comment box.

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