Facebook Messenger Video Calling adds a bunch of Add-ons and Goofy Filters

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Love video calling your near and dear ones? Well, here comes the good news! Facebook Messenger just added a bunch of filters, masks and reactions to its Messenger video chat, aiming to deliver a more fun experience to younger audience and shove an extra edge against competitors. The new update is rolling out today and it will also allow you to directly save live screen shots taken during video chats.

What’s More

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The responses take the five response emoji from Messenger — a heart, a grinning face, a surprised face, a crying face, and a furious face — and enliven them as an overlay all over. For instance, the crying emoji will show animated tears tumble from your eyes, while the heart makes a radiance of exploding hearts around your head. You can tap on the star icon to access all available effects.

Moreover, the service also includes stylish expressive filters that can give your video film an alternate shading tint or lighting shade. You’ll also be able to see these channels live before sharing your creation with your buddies.

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Capturing Screenshots Just Got Easier

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Along with these add-ons, Facebook Messenger will be making it less demanding for users to take screenshots of their video chat conversations with a devoted button that will save pictures so you can undoubtedly save a preview of a call without ruining the shot with Messenger interface.

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Facebook keeps on adding tons of fun components to Messenger that has garnered more than one billion active users across the world. When it comes to social networking, Facebook has always been our first choice—without a doubt. So hope you’ll like this latest round of Messenger which can add a whole lot more fun to your video chats.

So update your Messenger to its latest version and let’s begin to have some fun. If you haven’t installed the Facebook Messenger app yet get it here:

 For Android and iOS

Let’s make someone laugh today!

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