Facebook Launches Bitmoji Competitor – Avatars in the US

Finally, Facebook rolls out Avatars in the U.S.

facebook rolls avatars
Worried that being socially distant might make you forget how your friends look like? Using Facebook’s Avatars not new features, you can now create avatars of yourself and see the virtual lookalike of your friend as well.

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Much like Bitmoji Facebook’s caricatures are an answer to Apple’s Memojis. Using these Avatars, you can create a cartoonish look-alike of yourself and can express yourself virtually. In addition to this, you can customize Avatar to anything you want and can attach it to the messages.

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What made Facebook rollout Avatars in the US on both Android and iOS?

Introduced in 2019 Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and now in the US, this shows one thing Facebook is executing ways to keep users engaged on its social networks.

Also, this feature will give a 15-year-old social networking site, Facebook a new life, a visual communication system, and more.

Alongside it will help Facebook keep the users surge intact. To get this growing Facebook announced Messenger Rooms alternative to Houseparty and Zoom, Facebook gaming, and now Avatars for the US.

How to make your own Avatar on Facebook?

To do so tap on the smiley icon > sticker tab that appears to the right of the comment box. You will now be able to see a new option Create Your Avatar.

These Avatars can be made on Facebook or Messenger.

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Alternatively, you can click See More by clicking three horizontal lines and from there you can select Avatars.
use avatar in comments

Another way to get the Avatar is to a shared Avatar.

Note: Currently Facebook Avatar creation works in the mobile app only and you cannot access it via a new post. It is available via comment composer on an old post.

Facebook’s Fidji Sumo announced, these Avatars can be used as Facebook Gaming profiles and text posts with a background.
Facebook’s Fidji Sumo announcement

To edit the Avatar, you will have to head back to the Facebook app.

What is Facebook’s future plan for Avatars?

Facebook is considering expanding the use of Avatars for profile pic or in Groups so that users can interact with strangers and enjoy their anonymity.

But isn’t Facebook’s Avatars late to the party?

Certainly, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak it seems everyone can try their hands on new things. Currently, as more and more people are online due to the lockdown, Facebook too is experiencing a massive surge in usage. To capitalize on this outpouring, they are trying all things that are possible. Facebook not only added Messenger Rooms, released Facebook Gaming but also increased the number of users on WhatsApp video calls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook Avatars are like Bitmoji characters
  • Allows you create your own virtual lookalike
  • Available in the Facebook app and in Messenger app

Avatars are still rolling out in the U.S. so not everybody will see them yet. If you can access this feature shout out. Also, let us know what you plan to do with these Avatars.

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