Facebook Launches 360 App – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Facebook is certainly trying to reinvent internet, ever since their social media platform soared new heights on a global scale. We’ve already heard about their plans to invade satellite TV. This time, Facebook has made an even bigger technological leap and launched their VR compatible 360 App. It seems to be the right move looking at the overwhelming customer response towards augmented and virtual reality gadgets in last couple years. In case you’re still not well versed with Facebook 360 App or want to try it out, here’s what you should know.

What is Facebook 360?

Despite of various similarities, Facebook 360 is not a Virtual Reality app. Although videos recorded through this app can be viewed through a VR kit for enhanced detail, you can also view this on regular screen.


360 allows users to take panoramic 360 degree videos and share them through their Facebook profile. It captures panorama, which is not just limited to horizontal view from a fixed point in the center. This makes it visually inferior to actual Virtual Reality environments but allows you to capture surroundings in an innovative manner with more details than any photograph could offer.

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Why Take 360 Degrees Video?

Unlike a panoramic shot taken with a camera, 360 videos allow viewers to interact with the video and move the camera around in a free manner. This allows them to see more details of the captured environment as compared to photographs, panoramic pictures and videos.

How to Take 360 Degree Videos

Taking 360 degree videos however, requires special set of cameras that are specifically designed for the purpose. Simply known as 360 cameras, these gadgets are produced and sold by various brands such as Ricoh, IC Real Tech, Google, Giroptic and Facebook’s very own Surround 360. A typical 360 video camera utilizes 16-17 camera lenses arranged on the gadget in a special way to make such captures possible. These are available in the US market and online stores with prices ranging between $300-500. Sure this isn’t an inexpensive affair, but customer response to these gadgets says otherwise.

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How to Watch 360 Videos

Sure, capturing a 360 video requires special equipment, but thankfully watching these is far from being rocket science. These videos can be shared on popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Simply play the video and click-drag to view 360 degrees shot while the video plays.

What Does Facebook 360 Offer?

Like how Facebook messenger keeps your Facebook messages in a consolidated place, Facebook 360 will act as a hub for all such content on the website. As per various sources, there are more than a million such videos on Facebook already posted by users. User’s feed will comprise of only 360 videos shared by your contacts and other users. The ‘Explore’ feature will provide a bird’s eye view at the content from a variety of sources. Following tab will only feature videos posted by your contacts, while ‘Saved’ tab contains the videos you’ve already watched. Just like your regular Facebook feed, this app will also have a Timeline that lets you and other users explore the content you’ve shared or posted.

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Currently the App is only available with Gear VR headsets and can be downloaded from Oculus Store.

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