Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Sanhok Map

Beating the record of Valve’s Dota 2, PUBG has set the world record for maximum simultaneous players at once (1,342,857). The game has successfully gained all the popularity and got a considerable number of gamers diverted from other online games. Although, the game does deserve to be on apex due to its graphics and virtual warfield, the key to success of this game is its addiction. If you’re one of the PUBG players on PC, there’s a new improved form of Savage map has arrived with the name Sanhok or as they say, PUBG new map.

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Now that you already know every nook and corner of Erangal and Miramar, Sanhok is loaded with a lot of surprises that’ll provide a new edge to your gaming skills. One of the most significant difference in new map is its tempo. The playable area shrinks with a higher rate than other maps, making the entire game to sum-up quicker than before. Also, this swiftness seems to have a positive upshot in making the gamers more truculent. So, let’s take a look and know what new in the new Sanhok map of PUBG.

1. Newly constructed buildings: In Sanhok, you’d find newly constructed buildings. However, these buildings would be empty and not even a single furniture is going to be there. Well, that’s something you would want.

2. Increased performance: Although, your skill determines your in-game performance, bad graphics. However, PUBG new map has worked upon itself to elevate the performance right from its launch to even vehicle rendering.

3. Weather is here again: You must have noticed extreme weather conditions, which awfully got disliked by users. But, it was quite popular among the professional gamers and they were after it to relaunch. Fortunately, Sanhok would be bringing the fog and rain again.

Img src: Playerunknown Twitter handle

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4. Instant circle: If you used to get anxious as to where would be the first playable area be, Sanhok has got you covered. Now the playable circle would instantly be there as soon as the game launches. So, now you know the best place to land. However, you can choose to land beyond the circle to get weapons as there may be fewer people outside of hit on a hunt.

5. Red zone lowered: One of the best things about Sanhok is that the frequency of occurring red zone has been lowered. Now you don’t have to hide beneath a roof to save yourself from the “Bomberman”. Also, it would allow more time for players to encounter each other instead of wasting time in hiding.

Red zone lowered
Img src: Tilt Report

6. Tuk-Tuk: Remember the Asian conventional three-wheeler cab! You may also see some tuk-tuk taxis in the battlefield.

IMG SRC: playerunknown twitter handle
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7. Easter Egg: Just like Miramar, the Sunhok also has some easter egg locations. You can easily find one as it is a circle, which is surrounded by rocks.

Weather is here again
Img src: Playerunknown Twitter handle

Overall, Sanhok has a lot of alluring things that you want to try out. Despite the fact that you wouldn’t be able to play in the new map as you do in the current ones, Sanhok seems to provide you more adventures with faster heart-beats. Once you get your head around the “PUBG new map”, you would be able to understand the best places to land and scavenge for weapons. If you know some tips and tricks that can stimulate the success rate, do let us know in the comments below.

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