Everything We Know About Google Meena—the AI-Powered Chatbot

We don’t have a Wi-Fi, talk to each other and pretend it’s 1995”.

Well, you must’ve read this text written on banners at many café’s and public spots, right? Love it or hate it, but in this digital age, we’re too much indulged into gadgets and appliances. We’re living in an era where we interact more with our smartphones than our friends or family. Yes, it’s the bitter reality of our lives, no matter how harsh that sounds.

Google Meena
Image Source: Venture Beat

If you take a close look at your surroundings, you’ll find yourself around phones, smart TV, laptop, electronic kitchen appliances, and not to forget smart speakers. Smart speaker devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa come powered with virtual assistants that are a must-have companion that blends well with our smart home. All the major tech giants, including Google, Amazon, and Apple, have their own virtual assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri) that come featured along with its respective devices.

So, yes, this explains why we have more encounters with gadgets and virtual assistants more than humans.

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Say Hello to Google Meena—One of the Best AI-Powered Chatbot, Claims Google

Hello to Google Meena
Image Source: Neurohive

 Google recently announced about their all-new, soon to be released human-like chatbot known as Google Meena. Also, Google has claimed that this chatbot is best in the world, and you can have closest to human interactions with Google Meena. This AI-powered chatbot is designed with an objective to converse you, with more human-like responses constantly.

Google Meena graph
Image Source: Mashable

To get into the technical explanation, Google has invented a “Sensibleness and Specificity Average” aka SSA that measures the efficiency of a chatbot or virtual assistant. Comparing the values on this index, humans have an average SSA value of approx. 86% where Meena sits at 79% which is an insanely close value for a chatbot. And this is probably why Google has consistently seen boasting about the new Google Meena chatbot that will talk to you just like humans on literally any topic you like.

Google meena chatbot
Image Source: Cyfuture

Meena is trained on more than 40 billion words based on real-life social media conversations that make it more human-like. Also, to add further, Google has also announced that one of the biggest achievements for them was when they discovered Google Meena invented a joke itself (Refer below-mentioned snapshot)

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Is Google Meena Anywhere Close to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant?

Not at all! Google Meena is an open-domain chatbot that is being developed to offer human-like conversations. Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant respond to our requests, voice commands and help us accomplish our day to day tasks. But Google Meena will be an open-domain space where users can interact with the chatbot like a friend, advisor, teacher, or a close companion. So, no there’s absolutely no relation between virtual assistants and Google Meena.

When Can We Use Google Meena?

When Can We Use Google Meena
Image Source: Mashable

Google Meena is still under the work in progress development phase, and the entire Google team is working on it until this AI-powered assistant achieves perfection. So, as of now, Google has no plans of releasing this new chatbot for public use, and we might have to wait for a few more months until we converse with Meena.

Looks like we have one good friend waiting for us in the future!

On Google Meena, you can not only pursue conversations, but you can also talk on relevant topics of your interest and can “engage in conversation on any topic.” Are you looking forward to conversing with Google’s new chatbot? Do you think Meena will set an outstanding example for chatbots, especially for virtual assistants? Feel free to share your insights or feedback in the comments space.

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