Every Gym Goer Needs These 5 Apps In Their Mobile Phone Now! (Get Most Of Your Workout)

You may look a little bewildered by reading the name of the blog and think why anyone would need the best gym apps when there is workout space, music, trainer, and machines. But have you ever noticed that there are immense distractions that pull the focus away? Also, merely visiting the gym doesn’t help transform your body structure, you surely require proper diet, motivating music and brilliant focus for the desired output.

If it concerns you to some extent, then we have a compilation of the best workout apps that every gym-goer should use and reap the benefits to the maximum. Moreover, it is also required that you take care of your body, and mind post-workout, & some apps take care of that as well.

1. Aaptiv: Audio Fitness App

Whether your trainer hasn’t shown up or you have become a part of an open gym, advice from personal trainers could be taken from Aaptiv. Open the app, choose the goals you want to achieve, pick the workout of the day and just Play. With this gym workout app, you do not need to feel lost or rush to the busy trainers again

Cool Features:

  • 30+ classes add to the Aaptiv every week that refreshes your routine
  • Structure your weekly or monthly programs with in-built fitness classes
  • Form your own music playlist to keep your workout focused.
  • Download and save classes for offline useAaptiv Audio Fitness App

Stay Fit: Android | iPhone


As you begin to explore gym sessions and hop for weight training, JEFIT helps in guiding at one end and showing your progress at another. This gym app is designed around a database that carries various levels of exercises for targeted body parts. With time, you will be able to gain strength and learn how much weight is needed to add to your machine.

Cool Features:

  • Rest timer in between the workouts so you don’t overtake it.
  • Compare your session with gym buddies and achieve the goals.
  • Programs for beginners, advanced, sports enthusiasts, weight-lifters and target muscles are available.
  • Log in your weekly measurements and stay motivated with monthly challenges.


Stay Fit: Android | iPhone

3. Social Fever

Addiction to social media is just not great for mental health. And every gym freak knows the fact very well that physical health is as significant as mental. Social fever may not be called exactly a gym workout app, but its presence on the phone will make your day fruitful. How? In your free time, it encourages you to indulge in other activities like hanging out with your family, and friends. There is a dedicated feature called Quality time which turns your phone in DND mode for the set time. Not only this, but the app also has a water reminder feature that never lets you get dehydrated.

Cool Features:

  • Reminds you to drink water within a gap of some time, which is, of course, great for your body.
  • Tracks the health of your eyes as well as ears so you don’t spend excess time on any of these activities.
  • Tracks the usage of other social apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Social Fever

Stay Fit: Android

4. Lose it!

Every gym goer is well-aware of the fact that tracking their nutrition holds a major portion in routine to stay fit and healthy. The app will keep an eye on your calorie consumption all through the day. Interestingly, its Premium version also tells the meal plans so you don’t need to baffle now and then about what to eat and whatnot. Phew!

Cool Features:

  • Connect the app with various other apps as well as Misfit, Healthkit and more.
  • Quickly scan the barcodes of all the food that you have consumed to keep a record.
  • Motivate yourself with challenges and indulge your friends for some fun.

Lose it

Stay Fit: Android | iPhone

5. Fit Radio

Who doesn’t want a great music list with their workout session? None, we believe. Music is surely a motivation as well as inner will booster, so you can take challenges and finish them successfully. Interestingly, you can sort your music in between 40 genres for a perfect mood like cardio, yoga and cool down.

Cool Features:

  • Set a variety of songs in the time zone, g.10 minutes with hard beats, the next 10 minutes for fun, last 10 minutes for cool-down songs.
  • More than 150+ mixes every month to throw away boredom.
  • The app realizes your running pace by itself and plays the music of your chosen genre.

Fit Radio

Stay Fit: Android |iPhone

Master Your Mind And Body

It is always important to maintain a balance between mental and physical health and these gym workout apps will help you in doing so. Along with the same, it is also required that you maintain your meals, social style and stay away from unnecessary things that hamper your eyes, ears, and mind. For overall health, download these apps and have a happy & healthy life.

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