Every Gamer Should Know What is G-Sync!

Missing frames and distortions are nightmare for every gamer. These skipping frames and   deformity occurs due to heavy computer applications that acquire much of the resources, which leads to deviation in rendering of Monitor and Graphics Card. This divergence eventually heads to rendering of a specific frame in between the monitor’s refreshing interval.

Tearing of frames is frequent when components responsible for rendering of graphics go out of sync. Tearing is actually unbalanced alignment of objects that happens when multiple frames are rendered at the same time which appears to be distorted.

For those who are not familiar with the term Screen Tearing, read the following article!


Image Source: ROG Asus
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What is Screen Tearing?

Smooth and fluid motion on Movies & Games should not be taken as for granted. Your Monitor and Graphics Card should be absolutely in sync with the same refresh rate to produce consistent visuals. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we want – Like, you just got the latest PC Title, you start the game and experience images to skip a bit, that is what Screen Tearing known as! It simply hampers the enjoyment and visual experience of a gamer.

But now eliminate Screen Tearing, reduce Display Shutter and Input Latency with the fresh display technology- G-sync!

G-Sync- The Ultimate Solution

G-Sync is a cutting-edge technology developed by NVIDIA, which predominantly eradicates screen tearing issues. It has strong capabilities to minimize issues like fps drops, freezing sounds and input lag, which eventually enhances your visual performance.

In simple terms, G-Sync is a perfect combination of low input latency and tear-free/consistent performance.  When you are investing in G-Sync, then you’re literally making a fruitful investment. As G-Sync not only offers optimal visual performance but it also provides advanced advantages like 4K Gaming and HDR.

G-Sync- The Ultimate Solution

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How does G-sync Work?

G-sync is a technology that works on manipulation of Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI). Vertical Blanking Interval is the duration in which monitor completes rendering of a particular frame and prepares for the next frame. G-sync disable sending of frames to monitor until it is ready to receive one.

G-sync board comes with 768MB DDR3 RAM which stores and compares the previous frame with the next frame, preventing the input lag. It allows monitors to operate at variable refresh rates.

What are the Requirements to Adopt G-sync?

For super-smooth gameplay and stunning visual experience, take advantage of G-Sync:

G-sync Monitor: In order to implement G-sync, monitor must be G-sync enabled. Some of the pioneers in the monitor manufacturing industry like Acer, Asus, BenQ etc. have already started deploying G-sync with their display. You can check out the list of best g-sync monitors here.

G-sync enabled Graphics Card: In order to get a life-time gaming experience with G-sync, you must have Nvidia G-sync enabled Graphics card. Nvidia is coming up with more powerful GPUs which are G-sync enabled like all the graphics card of GTX 10 series and GTX Titan Black. You can check a list of all G-sync enabled graphics card here.

This really is one of those technologies you have to see for yourself!

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G-Sync vs. FreeSync

G-Sync vs FreeSync
Image Source: The Monitor

There has been a neck-to-neck competition between the two rivals AMD and Nvidia. AMD comes with a similar technology called “FreeSync”. FreeSync enabled monitors are way cheaper than G-sync enabled monitors, since they function using DisplayPort Interface which eliminates the need to install additional hardware.

Due to this there are more FreeSync enabled monitors available than G-sync enabled monitors. FreeSync enabled monitors are about 100$ cheaper than G-sync enabled monitors. FreeSync is a better alternative for entry level gaming systems

Apart from the pricing, G-sync enabled monitors are more efficient when it comes to handling graphical glitches and establishing sync between monitor and GPU. Since Nvidia adds a pretty hefty amount to G-sync enabled monitors, you won’t find it in mainstream systems.

What are the Limitations of using G-sync?

There are two major downsides with the new G-sync technology.

  1. Costing: In order to make your system G-sync enabled you must have a G-sync monitor as well as a G-sync enabled graphics card. If you wish to buy both separately, it might cost you 500$-1000$. New laptops in the market might cost you over 1000$ in order to support G-sync.
  2. Lack of Compatibility with other technologies: G-sync is incompatible with other technologies such as Nvidia’s Optimus. It is another powerful amenity by Nvidia which was developed to provide required power while gaming or any graphics-oriented applications.

Optimus is also well known to optimize the battery life of systems. There are available systems where both Optimus and G-sync coexist.

In the concluding note, we would like to say Nvidia took a very diligent effort to assist gamers with syncing of monitors and GPUs. You can try plethora of combinations of monitors and GPUs for amazing visual experience like never before.

Undoubtedly, Nvidia’s G-sync is an ultimate solution for the gamers who struggle with annoying distortions and skipping frames that disturbs the alignment of objects. Adapt this groundbreaking technology for the fastest and smoothest gaming experience like for high-duty gaming.

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