Energy-Efficient IoT Devices for Your Home

Imagine a situation, when all energy sources supplying electricity and power to the world get exhausted, sending us back to a technological stone age. No internet, no light and warming earth and then we are trying to survive in toxic gases and limited food supply. Sounds dreadful right?! But this can turn out to be true. Since we are not using energy efficient devices and continuously fuming our planet, the probability of draining our resources are high.

Yes, we cannot save the earth single-handedly but adapting some energy efficient devices at home, office and in surrounding areas can bring some changes. Because the longest journey starts with a single step, it is quintessential to monitor your environment, use IoT based technology and shield your earth by adapting eco-friendly initiatives. We can either enter the era of innovation and robotics or lose everything and turn into ancient people. Here is a list of some IoT based devices that can help you to save some energy and protect your environment.


  • LED lighting: Energy-efficient, long-lasting and doesn’t contain any toxic material as comparison to other light bulbs.
  • Smart thermostat: Controls temperature at home resourcefully by adapting and programming itself according to seasons and your lifestyle. Also, you can manage the temperature from your smartphone and take notes on energy-savings.
  • Automated windows: Thermochromic filter is adjusted into your window that blocks solar heat and minimize glare, when the temperature of the exterior glass reaches the transition point.
  • Insight switch: This switch offers wireless control of all electronics at home at your fingertips. Next time, when you forget to switch off your light or TV, you can use automated switch to turn them off.


  • Energy-efficient devices: Appliances like refrigerator and blenders, fitted with energy rating labels, can save energy and money.
  • Smart waste-bin: The solar-powered waste bin can calculate the amount of waste in its belly and then convert them into compressed cubes.

Bathroom and laundry

  • Shower head: Save electricity and water bill by using smart shower head, which reduces the amount of water use, informs when reaches the correct temperature and increases water pressure, according to the need.
  • Smart washing machines: An eco-friendly approach that uses zero electricity and limited water to clean your laundry.


  • Home battery: It’s a programmed battery that accumulates the energy produced by solar panels during daytime and then fuel your home at night. Allowing your home to harvest the same amount of energy as it spends.
  • Robotic lawn mower: Protect the environment and escape hard work by investing in robotic lawn mower. It is low on energy consumption and is powered by electricity, hence it does not produce any harmful emissions.
  • E-parking solutions: A smart, cloud-based parking system will not only protect the environment from lethal blow but save fuel and energy and time of drivers.

The Real Power of IoT is yet to be Discovered

It’s true that number of firms and manufacturers are following the IoT bandwagon at progressively growing rate, and heaps of devices are connected to the internet every day. But the IoT data accumulated by businesses is not being used and the data which is being used is not completely exploited.

The IoT is still a technology discussion and various industries are not ready to take risk. Also, lack of proper tools and complicated platform are some of the problems faced by adopters. As a result, the real benefit is not being transferred to the customers and it is becoming a herculean task for everyone to use it efficiently.

The planet earth is suffocating. From toxic smog and melting glaciers to wildlife destruction and marine pollution. The ever-growing need of human beings is solely destroying and warming the planet. Though various organizations are making efforts to save earth by “Going Green” but the real question, “what have we exactly done to protect our environment from toxic gases?”

By embracing IoT technology, the companies can deliver unmatched opportunities as it will lessen operating costs, boost productivity and knock into new markets earlier inaccessible. This is a matter of concern because it is necessary to explore the capability of IoT and change our viewpoint towards IoT data usage, being produced and collected. What do you think about IoT and its smart usage? Feel free to comment in the section below.

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