Easy Hacks for Online Shopping Addicts

Thanks to e-shopping websites, now the entire market is available at your fingertips. Now you get enormous options in each category to choose and decide on what would look the best on you. It is e-shopping websites due to which, you no longer have to get ready and leave your home to go shopping, all you need to do is add to cart the item you like.

Yes! The countless perks like the mouth-watering discount, breathtaking deals, free home delivery and latest trends availability are easily increasing the number of online shopping addicts. However, just like every pro comes with its own con, online shopping addicts also needs to be careful about the demerits of online shopping like hijacking and cyber-attacks.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the easy hacks for online shopping addicts.

A Big No to Public Wi-Fi

Using the free and public wi-fi connection is one of the culprits of being a victim of online shopping. Entering your credit card information on the public network is not only tempting for hackers to get into your account but also you can easily end up losing your hard-earned money for no reason. Instead, you can opt to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure your security and safety.

Trust on the Padlock on Your Address Bar

Whenever you want to visit any website for shopping or other purposes then it is recommended to check out the padlock on the address bar before going further. Green padlock not only shows the website is genuine but also comes with an essential encryption which is hard for hackers to break through.

Use Powerful Password

Precaution is better than cure. Keeping a powerful password is capable of adding an extra layer of security. You can a strong password which has a combination of special characters including the lowercase and uppercase characters. You can go with the alphanumeric which is not easy to crack and guess.

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Always Shop with Trusted Vendors

Shopping from untrusted sources may lead to make you a victim of cyber-attacks. It is recommended to shop from the trusted vendors and websites to make sure you’re secure. Moreover, visiting the random website might redirect you to fake websites or end up infecting your device with a virus. You can bookmark your preferred shopping websites for easy access. You may try to look for an “https://“ certificate in the address bar of the website you’re on.

Be Vigilant of Website Hijacking

It is important of watch your screen when you type a URL in and press enter. You need to take care that your screen doesn’t blink in & out. There are the chances that cyber attackers can get control of your screen and come up with a fake website with the purpose of acquiring user ID’s, credentials and credit card information at the time of checkout.

Get Coupons from Reliable Source

Getting your hands on the random coupons which are provided by unknown sources should be strictly avoided. Cybercriminals are also using the e-hoppers ways to attracts customers with cheap prices and great coupons to get into their devices. Moreover, the hyperlink is skillfully designed to give you trusted look to do the stealing of your financial data.

Download and Install Anti-Malware Program

Having a strong anti-malware program comes handy for protecting your device against malicious attacks. It ensures your safety and security at the time spiteful adware, malware and virus try to enter into the device. To make sure your anti-malware programs are up and running you can update it on a regular basis. One of the best picks is the Systweak Anti-malware program that you can download for free.

Keep Your Browser Up-To-Date

Using the updated and latest browser is recommended by all the security experts to ensure your safety. Moreover, updating your browsers enable the inherent security feature of the browser to defend against the malicious threats and virus. It is capable of fixing the minor bugs and issues that you face in normal day to day lives.

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So, these are some of the easy hacks for online shopping addicts which can help you stay safe and protected always. Make sure you follow the above mention hacks at the time of online shopping and for normal work as well. Because you never know when you can become the next target of hackers so stay vigilant and keep your security at the top level because don’t forget, Precaution is better than cure.

Happy shopping!



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  • Kendric
    Actually Nordvpn is my companion for shopping online, cause it’s true that services don’t treat all customers the same (you can actually save money by using vpn to find better deals while also securing your online network).

    3 years ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia

      Thank you for your comment. We agree that Nord VPN is a great option to use while shopping online. For more tech updates, follow us on social media and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter

      3 years ago Reply
  • Flyg
    Kendric, agreed. I’m a long time Nord user and I always use it to find better deals online (especially cheaper flights). It has lots of servers (over 5k I guess) and that means that you have plenty of options to choose from when looking for the best deals.

    2 years ago Reply

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