5 Documentaries That Inspire You To Be More Secure Online

Our digital footprints are appearing exponentially with ascending utilities over the Internet. We have been constantly exchanging the data to enjoy superior values and services over the network. With the benefits of the web, we must pay some cost, one being the privacy breaching. We are highly susceptible to identity theft and frauds. The meaning of Internet privacy is to protect our private or sensitive information from unauthorized disclosures that sometimes are left unnoticed.

The shield for this privacy violation can be mounted to safeguard ourselves from future blunders through individual or collective actions, but is rather a matter of general awareness. Some filmmakers realized how grave this issue is and took a pledge to enlighten people towards the need to safeguard themselves online.

In a similar manner, we too understand how internet security is a matter of prime importance. Therefore, we’ve listed some great and enlightening documentaries about all things related to internet security and possible practices to minimize risks.

1. Frontline: Growing up Online

The movie depicts the private world that children are creating online. The plot illustrates how internet is transforming their childhood. Today’s generation is no more interested in reading books and newspapers. Certain cases were raised in the movie representing the negative aspects of exposing the kids to Internet at an early age such as various online and sexual predators are influencing the children, depressed kids are seeking for a best way to suicide over the internet. The moral of the story, is to understand and monitor what our kids can access when they’re online and protect them from any trouble they might get into, while surfing on their own.

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2. Zero Days

The documentary explores the dangers of embraced cyber security has become a tool of mass destruction and the disintegration of online safety can set the stage for physical threats as well. Our entire power supply can be cut-off, or our systems can be taken over. It has been noticed that minor annoyance by these hackers have grown to be more sophisticated and destructive over years and they are always keen to employ their skills in snatching the information of countless millions all over the globe. They can steal your credit card numbers and make you bankrupt in few seconds.

zero days
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3. Do You Trust This Computer?

This is another documentary from Chris Paine, the director of Who Killed the Electric Car? Paine portrayed the movie by interviewing various pioneers who have been actively participating in development of AI in different domains. The film gained popularity due to CEO of SpaceX, he made the entire weekend streaming free for people to watch this documentary. The movie explores the rise of AI around us and its possible consequences, some may be good other may be a bit scary. A day might come when robots will overtake the human mind. In a span of an hour and half, Paine gave an immense taste of AI covering Robotic Surgery to Self-Driven Cars. This one is going to be a treat for AI enthusiasts. These AI powered gadgets surrounding us are gathering our information and distributing it in one way or the other and is using this information with a plethora of apps and target advertising which is unethical by means.

do you trust this computer
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4. Deep Web

This a perfect representation of conglomeration of Cambridge Analytica’ s sharing personal information and distributing this information to the black market. Deep web explains the dark side of internet. It renders a dark market from where people can buy anything illegal and get it delivered through the door without being watched using untraceable transaction by virtual monetary system like bitcoin. This story doesn’t provide you with a solution to this but to make you realize how your data can be mined and can make you indulged in illegal activities.

deep web
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5. Terms and Conditions May Apply

Directed by Cullen Hoback in 2013, Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary that portrays how these giant corporations or the government breaches your sensitive data when a user agrees to browse a website by clicking on “I Agree” button. The film criticized giant ventures such as Google and Facebook for misguiding the user with poorly worded privacy policies and terms of service by unfriendly languages in long documents. These companies collect the user information by manipulating the user and distribute this data to third-parties. One such case was Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal which shared physiological profiles of users to the government. There are many organizations which are hiding deep dark secrets in their agreement policy sheets.

terms and conditions may apply
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Online Security and Internet privacy are crucial concerns, since everybody who interacts online is prone to cyberbullying, hacking and identity thefts. We can surpass these threats to an extent by prevalent awareness in our routine habits of browsing online and actively tracking to what degree we allow our information to be exposed.

These were some of the amazing documentaries worth watching & tell things related to Internet Security. Though not all are tangentially related but it can help the viewers to better understand the issues & conversations happening in the industry.

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