Disable iTunes Auto Sync Feature With Ease

Do you sync all your apple devices using iTunes? Then you must have definitely faced the frustrating situation when iTunes automatically syncs all media to your device, as soon as you connect it to your computer.

Syncing can be frustrating since it takes hours to complete, when a lot of data is involved. For most of us, the preference has always been a synchronization process that can be done at will and not automatically.

So, for all of us who do not want iTunes to sync all the data automatically, here is how you can disable the Auto-Sync in iTunes. After you have disabled the auto sync, every time you want to sync the data you must do it manually.

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So, let’s have a look at  the easy to follow steps on how to disable auto sync in iTunes:

Turning Off Auto Sync In iTunes

Note: In this article, we have tried to jot down the steps of how to disable auto sync in iTunes version 12.6.2 for Windows and iPhone 7 Plus. However, in case of Mac, the steps remain almost the same.

To start with, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Windows computer. Now connect your iPhone 7 Plus to your Windows computer and then follow the steps below:  

1. As soon as you connect your iOS device to your computer, launch iTunes. You will see a device icon right below the top menu on iTunes. Tap on the device icon and move on to the next menu.


2. Now locate options section in the right panel. Once there, uncheck the option Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected. After you have unchecked, click on Done located on the bottom right corner of the iTunes window. This will save your settings. In case you want to sync your data manually you can simply click on the Sync button present just next to the Done button.

Automatically sync

3. Now, from the menu bar on the top click on Edit > Preferences in order to disable the auto sync feature.


4. A small window named Device Preferences will pop up. It shows all the iTunes preferences that are customizable.

5. From the menu bar click on the Devices option. Now, check the box located right next to Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

6. Tap OK to save the preferences.

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Just follow some simple steps and you will never have iTunes syncing your data automatically whenever you connect your iOS device to your computer.

There are many people who like to have their data automatically synced rather than doing it themselves. However, there are still ample who get frustrated by it. If you are amongst them, we are sure that this article might help.

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