Digital Tools: Boon or Bane For Productivity?

Technology has evolved a lot in the past few years. A rare and strange sight it would be if any of us does not carry a technological device. Perhaps, our reliance on gadgets and software has increased a bit too much, specifically while we’re at work.

When digital tools such as different mobile apps and the social media distract us at workplace, there are many digital tools that have increased our productivity and contributed to the overall progress of managers and employees alike. So, to be or not be; can technology and productivity co-exist at work? Let us find out.

Digital Tools

Digital Tools: Being Watched Closely?

Digital tools aid users, especially procrastinators to work smoothly. But it doesn’t mean that digital apps nullify work. In fact, they force employees to complete their assigned work at any cost, which procrastinators may not enjoy.

Many companies have already applied smart digital tools at workstations to track down employee activities and engagement. You can view this practice specifically at places where employees are paid as per hour.

Desktop apps allow employers to measure employee’s productive hours on a given project and note other activities of the employee. Some digital tools even help employer to constantly keep an eye on their employees by clicking screenshots randomly and sending to employers. Even Google Docs, a generic tool, is designed to monitor the progress of author of the document. The documents are shared with managers that help them view the work. It also lets the employer know when the employee has accessed the document. These software were created to amplify productivity at any cost as every employer wants their employees to put their work at first and stay productive during paid hours.

When such digital tools are used at workplaces, employees can’t procrastinate. Rather they are forced to stay away from every distraction and remain productive at work. Under constant supervision, humans tend to work harder!

Digital Tools: Management Made Easier

Management Made Easier

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After the commencement of technology, we stopped using paper to write and store diaries and contacts. Earlier, it took hours for the workforce to sort all the files and information was sometimes lost or misplaced during the process. However, with the union of technology and productivity, it has become easy to organize information at one place.

For example, online calendars help you schedule your appointments and write down notes and contacts all at one place. Employees can share their calendars with their colleagues and other employees, which helps the company work as one body.

You can also take the example of tools like Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive where employees can store their files and access it from anywhere. Such tools are often free and save a lot of system storage space. They are theft-proof, hence provide peace of mind to users. They are easy to use and manages to find files in snap time. Therefore, digital tools help you to be more productive by saving your time at managing files. It helps you focus on the real work.

Digital Tools: Communicate With Anyone

Internal communication is an important aspect for business as employees need to interact with each other in regard to their work. Plus, it’s also necessary to connect with clients and other important connections. Hence, there are many software used in offices that can message, call or video call with the help of Internet.

As many companies are expanding their boundaries internationally, it’s very important for businesses to keep their employees connected with each other, regardless of the location.

Other than hurdles like different time zones and response times, employees can communicate quickly and conveniently. With instant messengers, they don’t need to wait for replies on emails as they can quickly communicate with any employee or employer sitting at another part of the world. Therefore, geographical boundaries cannot be an excuse anymore for delay in work with digital tools. However, instant messengers can also hamper productivity as employees can connect with anyone, even with people who are not related to their tasks.

Earlier, personal calls were hardly entertained at workplace as they affected productivity levels. Now employees can spend infinite time messaging other people via messaging application or social media. Hence, technology is decreasing productivity.

Communicate With Anyone

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Productivity Held Ransom By The Internet And Its Enabled Devices?

Although digital tools are very useful, they are entirely dependent on devices and the Internet. Organizations that are too prone to the use of digital tools to regulate productivity suffer huge loss during a downtime.

Productivity can dramatically decline if Internet stops working or devices are damaged.

Digital Tools Cause Distraction

Employees work on computer or laptop and with Internet, it’s easy to get distracted. A sad reality is that employees waste huge number of manhours idly scrolling by on social media sites instead of working.

Moreover, there are many digital tools that make money from advertising. When at work, even the smallest advertisements can distract employees. As nowadays advertisements are based on previously searched items by the employee, constantly popped up advertisements will certainly distract him. Hence, it will degrade his productivity.


Digital tools can cause distraction if not handled wisely. It can rather tempt us to procrastinate than increase our productivity. However, the benefits of digital tools do outweigh its side effects. We need to understand there’s a significant impact of technology on productivity. If used appropriately, digital tools can help take your workplace productivity to new levels. It can keep you focused and help you fight procrastination like a champion.

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