Different Video Game Franchises That Share Same Universe

Whether it’s video games, superheroes or musicians, we all love to see crossovers between various franchises that boost the iconicism even further. But since not all crossover games can be as successful as Super Smash Bros. or Marvel Vs Capcom, gamers are often left with nothing else but to craft  their own theories. So if you try to looking for connections between two or more totally distinct gaming franchises, this article will certainly invigorate your imaginations. Here’s a short list of different video game franchises that might exist in the same universe.

  1. Left 4 Dead/Counter Strike : Global Offensive


Although the similarities between two of the greatest first-person shooters is often attested with Valve’s laziness, there is a theory that makes this similarity more than just coincidence. It says that both Counter Strike: GO and Left 4 Dead are set in the same world just at different times. Counter Terrorists in Global Offensive are actually trying to prevent the virus that results in the zombie infested wasteland in Left 4 Dead. Louis, a character from Left 4 Dead also mentions ‘Counter Strike’ game, yet again establishing a mild connection.

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  1. Assassin’s Creed/Watch Dogs

Watchdogs Assasin's Creed

You might’ve already read or heard about this one, as even Ubisoft have confirmed that Assassin’s Creed and Watchdogs take place in the same universe, just years apart. The first hint we get is the presence of ‘Abstergo Industries’ logo in both games. The latests AC: Black Flag’s storyline also involves hacking, which is one of Watchdogs’ primary characteristics. What makes the resemblance more uncanny is that both Watchdogs and Black Flag, take place in Chicago.

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  1. Bomberman/Lode Runner

Bomberman Lode Runner

We were blown away too when we realised that these two NES Classics are actually parts of the same story. This theory stems from the Famicom version of Bomberman which showed Bomberman turn into a human named as ‘Runner’ in the game ending screen. This means Bomberman is actually a prequel to Lode Runner, which shows a former slave robot trying to escape the Bungeling Empire and regain humanity. It also explains why enemy robots in Lode Runner look like Bomberman. Minds have been officially blown!

  1. GTA and Other Rockstar Titles

Rockstar Games universe

It’s not just the game engine and similarity in gameplay that make Rockstar Games titles feel connected. Infact, their games Manhunt and Bully take place in the same universe as GTA. Carcer City from Manhunt has been mentioned a lot in GTA games along with Bullworth Academy from Bully. Moreover, fans also suggest that James Hopkins from Bully, actually grows up to become James Earl Cash from Manhunt. In fact, Manhunt’s antagonist is also revealed to be a film producer from Los Santos, the same town where GTA: San Andreas takes place.

  1. Mario/Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Mario

Okay, this one might sound really obvious but being the official Nintendo posterboy, Mario certainly featured in a lot of games. One of his most famous appearances would be as the protagonist of Donkey Kong and the villain in Donkey Kong Jr. This clearly indicates how both games are likely to be a part of the same universe. Cranky Kong from the Donkey Kong family is also believed to be the villain of the original Donkey Kong who was later imprisoned in the second game.

  1. Soul Calibur/Tekken


Both titles produced by Namco are also considered to be a part of the same universe. One of the major tie in’s is obviously the presence of Yoshimitsu in both games. However, both stories are said to be set nearly 400 years apart. A lot of fans have speculated that Devil Gene in the Mishima bloodline, is actually the last remaining fragment of Soul Edge, the cursed antagonistic sword from Soul Calibur.

While the last entry seems obvious there are names that might’ve definitely got you into thinking. But if you feel we’ve missed any stunningly uncanny titles, please mention them in comments as we love reading them.

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