Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been deployed in almost every major sector. From medical to aviation, the industries are moving towards automation that is feasible and trustworthy. The term has also been backed up by many Hollywood blockbusters like The Terminator, The Matrix etc. However, what may be new to you is Machine Learning, which has been misunderstood as a synonym for Artificial Intelligence. It is important to know that AI and Machine Learning are totally different technologies, yet related in most of the cases.

AI and ML

Today, we’re going to discuss about the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the technology that emphasizes on machines that are capable of executing the tasks which can only be done with human intelligence. In other words, you can understand Artificial Intelligence as a way, where machines can make themselves learn and develop like a human and perform the desired tasks. The concept of self-training includes planning, understanding of language, recognizing voices, sounds and ability of problem solving. The scope and application of Artificial Intelligence is vast. One of the best examples of AI application is the aviation industry, where it is AI that takes care of the maximum operation.

Application of AI

AI started with a realization that rather than programming a computer on how to do a task, why not code it to evaluate and perform the action accordingly. This thought of making computers learn and understanding everything as human, enlightened the idea of Artificial Intelligence. Although, it wasn’t easy to make the machine that can train and teach itself and produce a statistical correct result. The experts then needed a brain like humans that can empower the computers to evaluate as a human being. This brain is then developed and called Neural Network.

Neural Network was designed to teach computers to understand and think the same way as humans do. Just like the brain cells in a human body, Neural Network functions the same way in computers by maintaining the innate advantages they have above us like accuracy, speed and lack of bias. In simple words, Neural Network is a computer system that is designed to classify the data for the machine. As a human brain identifies images, sounds etc. the Neural Network is responsible to identify the parts of information by analyzing it.

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Machine Learning:

Machine Learning can be understood as an application of Artificial Intelligence that enables the computer to automatically learn and improve from experience without the need of a specific program. Machine Learning works with an overall development of computer driven by the incidents and facts worked and experienced. In this technology, the computer automatically  learns to adjust and process data without any human intervention.

Machine leraning

Machine Learning may look like Artificial Intelligence but it is significantly different from it. A Machine Learning application can read the entire feedback shared by a consumer and decide whether it is a complaint or a complement. Likewise, it can listen to a song and conclude the mood and genre. In some types, the computer can generate its own music based on the situation and environment.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence is the technology that makes computers smart enough to take decisions like a human being. Whereas Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that is associated with learning through the experiences and tasks performed. Although, the difference may go untraced between the two technologies but the application varies upon its requirement.

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