Friday Essentials: Did You Know These 12 Cool Gadgets Existed For Real?

With so many technological advancements coming up it has become hard to keep up with them. The latest techniques that we are seeing today is something straight out of a science movie.

Every single day some new invention takes place. All these latest technologies have made the life of the average consumer real easy. But it has become hard to choose the right one, especially when we are unaware of them.

Thus, we have made a list of 12 gadgets which you probably didn’t know existed. These tools are really helpful and have the best technology. Try them as they will definitely make your life simpler.

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1. The Air Dock

The Air Dock
Source: – indiegogo

The Air dock is a great gadget for the phone while traveling in your car. It will aid you in two ways-

One it holds and displays the phone with the help of a magnet which creates an airlock.

Secondly, it keeps your phone charged on-the-go.

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2. Tamaggo

Source: – ookawa-corp

Sometimes we want a 360-degree image of our surrounding. And now with the amazing tamaggo, it is possible. It helps to capture a 360-degree view of our surroundings. Moreover, it is lightweight so can be carried easily anywhere.

3. No more woof

No more woof
Source:-  mariadelacroix

It’s frustrating when your dog keeps barking, and you are not sure why. Haven’t you always wished to know what they were thinking? Well, with this device you can. This device lets you understand what it feels or thinks. It can presently interpret up to 4 different mental states. This includes hunger, tiredness, and excitement.

4. Quell wearable pain relief technology

Quell wearable pain relief technology
Source: – digitaltrends

This belt is amazing and helps in relieving any pain you have. When you use this, you don’t require any drugs for the pain. It uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology. This trick the brain into releasing opioids. This hormone helps you in relieving pain

5. Ampl

Source: – notanygadgets

We millenniums use so many devices for our entertainment. The problem with so many gadgets is how to carry and charge them when moving. Ampl tech bag is the solution. It fits all the gadgets in one bag and keeps them charged too.

6. Luna sleep cover

Luna sleep cover
Source: – hobbr

Even our bed sheets have gotten smarter now. Luna sleep cover is one such smart sheet. It understands our sleep cycle. And with this data, this device regulates our sleep cycle and temperature of the sheets. This, in turn, helps the user sleep better at night.

7. Sonicable

Source: – Sonicable

The biggest worry when we use our smartphone is charging it. We use it so frequently that it battery depleted easily. With Sonicable, you can charge the phone in half time. This makes the phone even more useful.

8. Buhel sound glasses

Buhel sound glasses
Source: – newatlas

This device is just a pair of sunglasses. But it provides all the functions of a Bluetooth device. It uses an innovative bone-induction technology. This tech lets you hear your favorite music without using any ear buds/plugs. So, listen to your music anywhere while looking stylish.

9. Erascan

Source: – spicytec

It is an extremely useful device especially for teachers, scientists and researchers. It is basically an eraser that recorders everything that you erase. So, if you less space, you can use this gadget to save your crucial data.

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10. Sammy screamer

Sammy screamer
Source: – bleepbleeps

In this era, we can’t be too secure. With Danny screamer, you get another device that helps protect your private space. It is a multi-colored triangle with motion sensors. So if any private thing is moved or touched, you will be alerted on your phone.

11. ZBoard 2


ZBoard 2
Source: – zboardshop

The original ZBoard’s purpose was to help students move around the campus. The new and upgraded version of this can cover even more distances. It is lightweight, easy to carry and looks cooler too.

12. Foaster

Source: – droold

Another Gadget for us millenniums to keep all of our devices charged is Foaster. It stores as well as charges your smartphones in a single space.

Whoa! So many advanced technologies have come into existence. All are so useful for us and affordable too. Which is your favorite one? Tell us in the comments below.

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