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iOS users update to Zoom’s latest version to fix the bug

As if working from home and the spread of COVID-19 was not enough. Motherboard on Friday March 27th warned iOS users about a flaw in the Zoom video conferencing app.

What were the news and the flaw?

Revelation, made by Motherboard showed Zoom video calling software is sending data like when the user opened the app, time zone, details about the user’s device and city. Even the user’s data without a Facebook account was shared.

Not only this, but there was also no clear mentioning of the extent of data sharing in Zoom’s privacy policy.

What action did Zoom take?

After the disclosure of this information Zoom in a press release addressed Motherboard and said they take user’s privacy seriously. And have made a change to the use of Facebook’s SDK.

Adding more to it the company said, “Login with Facebook” feature was used for user’s convenience. As it helped them access the Zoom platform easily. However, when the company was informed about Facebook’s SDK collecting device information all the codes were removed immediately.

Also, they mentioned that the information collected did not include any details about the meetings, name or details about the attendees, etc.

Is the information true and does the update work?

Certainly, it is true. The motherboard did check the latest iOS app and found that the Zoom video conferencing platform has reconfigured the application. This means all the codes sharing data with Facebook are removed.

Does this mean that Facebook users will not be able to use Zoom?

Not at all, the company only reconfigured the feature. Facebook users can log in with Facebook via their browsers. The only thing users need to do is to update the app. This will replace the codes and no longer any of their data will be shared.

Looking at the popularity and extensive use of Zoom, updating the app in such a short span is commendable. With this iOS users can trust Zoom again and start using it.

What is your opinion? Do you think Zoom was clueless they had no idea that the SDK is sharing data?
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