Couples Straight From Sci-fi Movies That Gave Us Serious Relationship Goals

Have you ever wondered why there are only a few couples in Sci-Fi movies? It might be because their tough life that revolves around fighting with villains, surviving the worst, or healing from all their wounds and they cannot scoop out enough time from their schedule. Jokes apart, but Sci-Fi movies have grounded human emotions and have limitations of realism which makes the characters explore the dangers and accomplish the impossible without any fear. It’s not like that they lack romance, but we often ignore that facet in movie because we are concentrating more on unfamiliar visual landscapes, resultant of scientific hubris, attacks, defenses, and other things.

Not only the romantic movie couples, there are a few Sci-Fi movie couples as well that acquainted us with the amazing feeling of love. They stayed together till death make them apart, or at least promised for the same. After all who doesn’t know about the much famous Star Trek couple, Uhura and Spock? Although the others on this list cannot match their perfection, but let’s take some time off on this Valentine’s day and celebrate their love which is set in a different dimension of life.

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1. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl


The film depicts life of former superheroes who are living undercover and struggling to live a normal lifestyle. Although they have adopted names “Bob” and “Helen,” they strive hard to fit in the society (that has certain stereotypes). The reason why this couple makes to the top of the list is that they are not perfect, neither they pretend to, they fight loudly and yet stay side by side when in danger. The understanding and effort to keep their relation and family united is something we all adore!

2. Eve And Wall-E (Wall-E)

Eve and Wall-E (Wall-E)


While we struggle to find ideal human relations, the bond of these two robots is no less than perfect. A trash compactor and a vegetarian evaluator had données, and yet we cannot ignore their love. A simple fact that not spending time together may lead to conflicts is depicted in such a cute way that we cannot stop falling for them. Their journey and efforts for returning humanity to the earth instead of destroying it entirely makes one fall head over heels for them.

3. Clementine Kruczynski and Joel Barish, (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind)

Clementine Kruczynski and Joel Barish

This movie’s plot has been set quite ahead of its time. So much so that a person can opt to erase his/her memories. Initially Clementine decides to erase the memories of Joel so that she can move on without grieving. Once Joel comes to know about it, he does the same. But even after doing so the connection cannot be broken between the two, who eventually fall in love again. We adore this couple because they aptly represent that one just cannot run away from love of their life. If it is meant for you, it will find you.

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4. Jake Sully And Neytiri(Avatar)

Jake Sully and Neytiri(Avatar)


This is a high-voltage drama love story in which Neytiri, the princess of Pandora falls in love with a marine named Jake Sully who is paralyzed as human but is fearless and capable enough to lead an army as his avatar. They were not meant to be with each other, but despite all odds, they keep their relation alive. The climax is quite unexpected yet in the entire journey, they make us believe that understanding your partner and being together even in the extreme situations will help you make your bond stronger.

5. Kyle Reese And Sarah Connor (Terminator Genesis)


Source: scriptmag

A film that depicts time travel as child’s play often confuses us, but in the last part that released in 2k15, there was something unique. It made us realize that no matter how strong you are, you can always have your partner by your side and accomplish your goals. Kyle and Sarah fell in love with each other, but there was one more character whose love and care helped Sarah stay alive. Yes, it was Pops, despite being a machine, he was ready to face all the difficulties for his human. Although it asked silly questions and smiled like a monkey, he did love Sarah from the bottom of his heart.

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There are many more to the list, but possibly, these are the best! Valentine’s day is not just about showering gifts, it’s about celebrating your love. Do not just arrange a fancy dinner, but take out time and tell your partner how much you adore them or how your relationship has upgraded you. You can even take some references from the characters given above and bestow them with love. However, this should not be the only day in the entire year to celebrate your love, so do not waste even a single moment and start preparing.

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