Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future Part 5

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This is the fifth and the last part of the blog series on “Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future”. In the last decade, none of us would have ever imagined that we could have the gadgets we have today. But these concept gadgets are sure to amaze even the most tech-augmented nerds out there. So let’s get on with our final list in the series“Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future”.


1. Soft Phone –


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Jian Qian gave the design of this concept phone which makes use of your grip and hand movements to operate the mobile phone for making or ending the calls. The Soft cellphone is designed using soft materials and the actual interface features a fabric material. This delicate phone concept revolves around the Fabric Digital Display Technology.


This technology will give the users a whole experience of flexible cell phone functioning. The functioning in the phone is performed by the extrusion and fold of the phone. Jian Qian also explained that a Bluetooth earphone will be buckled to the string can charge the phone using Electromagnetic Induction. Silica gel is used for making the clip and circle for the phone, which makes the phone very soft and portable.



2. Nokia Eco Sensor Phone –


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For some time now, Nokia is trying to create environmental awareness among the people through their products. The new concept phone of Nokia is Eco Sensor Phone is a “green” mobile phone designed to enhance our awareness both of yourself and the environment surrounding you.

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This phone comprises of 2 parts – a wearable sensor unit in the form of wrist band and a mobile phone. The wristband is embedded with lot many sensors which monitors and analyzes the wearer’s health, environment and local weather. The sensor unit can be customized to display the data on the phone via low-power near-field communications.


3. Compenion Laptop Concept–


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This laptop concept has been designed by Felix Schmidberger. This design gives us a glimpse of how our Futuristic ultra-thin laptop will be like. The laptop features an OLED screen which has dual functioning both as monitor and keyboard.


This sleek laptop design comprises of a touchscreen panel that slides up to reveal an OLED touchscreen keyboard with customization option as per the preferred language. As, the concept is new and now we have already developed the touch screen technology to multi-touch, hence the laptop design also comprises of multi-touch panels.

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The laptop would also have a built-in projector for presentations and movie watching, and pen stylus called the san stylus that could also function as Remote Control.

4. E-Rope Modular Power Strip –


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E-Rope is an amazing concept of modular Power Strip that helps in overcoming with the limitations of the traditional power strip. One unique feature is that you can add or subtract sockets as needed.


The biggest problem with conventional power strips that are large and bulky and block adjacent sockets. The E-Rope is better to accommodate huge number of bulky cords as each socket can be rotated 180 degrees. One more unique feature is that you could rotate the socket by 90 degrees to cut the electricity flow.


The edges of the sockets glow with the blue light when current flows through it and turns off when there is no current. The modular design of it lets you add just the right number of outlets as per requirement.


5. Dell XCS –


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Designer Matthew Ritter gave a modular concept PC for Dell to make the upgradation of the PCs ultra-easy and foolproof. This concept design of the Dell PC is the next step in the evolution of the PCs.


Dell XCS stands for Extensible Computer System, in which the components of the PC have been encapsulated and the circuit boards are hidden from the consumers. The PC is designed in a barrel-shape box with places to mount the cartridge shaped components like Hard-discs, DVD burners, processor units and other hardware components of the PC.

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The components for this PC are made modular and shaped so that it fits only in the cartridge space provided for it.


6. RITI Printer – Eco-Friendly Printer –


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This design was among the finalist in the Greener Gadgets design competition as the printer is designed to use the old coffee or tea grinds as an ink. But the only problem is that the person would have to move the ink case back and forth for printing the paper. The Eco-Friendly Printer is designed by Jeon Hwan Ju.


The printer is composed of 2 essential parts – the ink cartridge and the printer itself. The ink cartridge is filled with coffee grounds and water which work as an ink for printing the text. This design has opened up endless possibilities of developing the eco-friendly printers which use a minimalistic and cheaper option of utilizing ever present resources of coffee and tea. And it would work as a substitute for the expensive and environmentally harmful ink cartridges.

7. MOY Concept – Different Car Everyday –


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Croatian Design Student Elvis Tomljenovic was the one to give the MOY Concept and won the Car Design Competition for this unique concept.

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The idea behind MOY Concept, is that it gives the consumers the freedom to design their own car surface designs on their computer and then apply the design to the vehicle using wireless data transfer. This idea has been developed keeping in mind the modern generation from whom the technology is a means to express themselves and communicate with others.


The body of the car is made of two polycarbonate layers which is filled with layers of Liquid crystals, LED diodes and electrochromic foil in between the two. This combination of the car body enables to display both static images and videos, which makes it a new way of communication or promotion.



8. Braun Clever Care Medical Coach –


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We are living in a time where everybody is constantly in a rush and we tend to forget the medication time of ourselves and our family members. Designer Marc Salagnac, Ludovic Diallo and Cedric Dervillier gave this amazing concept which assures that we don’t forget the medicines because of the hectic schedule.


BRAUN Clever Care Medical Coach is an amazing concept which stores all the medicines and syncs the medical records and prescriptions straight from the doctor’s office via Internet or GSM. It also reminds you of your appointments for regular checkups with Doctor. It provides a database that could hold the medical records for your entire family. The gadget will have a built-in calendar to mark the vaccines records, appointments, screening and timings for taking medicines.


The most amazing thing about the technology is that with every year it will grow towards higher end and on the contrary size will go becoming smaller and slimmer. All the concept gadgets in all the 5 blogs truly depicts this interesting characteristic of the technology.


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