Cool Concept Gadgets For A Brighter Future- Part 4


Concept gadgets represent cutting-edge technology and advanced product design that often make use of eco-friendly materials. But every new device starts off as a simple sketch on paper before it can be turned to flesh.

We talked about many such concept gadgets in the previous 3 blogs. These gadgets are just in their design stage and we cannot comment on their commercial release. But one thing is certain that by giving these ideas to world, we can actually get a glimpse of how technology in the future could be.

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Here, we have listed more of such conceptual gadgets and ideas by various concept designers from around the world.

1. Peripheral Vision Eyeglasses –

Cyclists need to be super-vigilant while driving in city, because they are not always visible to the motorists. Hence, while biking you need to take right precautionary steps and tools to be one step ahead of irresponsible motorists.

Nike gave the concept of Hindsight Glasses which has extended peripheral vision, to help the biker have the view of hindsight. Nike has made use of Fresnel Lenses on the sides of the glasses to let the rider have the view beyond the normal human limit of 180 degree.

People can also use these glasses in the sports and activities which needs a greater field of view. Though the Fresnel lenses reduce the quality of image, but due to the position on sides very little clarity is lost and the eyes only detect motion in that area.

nike hindsight glasses

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2. Futuristic Bike Rack –

Does it happen with you that you forget to carry your bike lock chain with you and hence ended worrying that your bike may get stolen. Hence, Ilya Tkach and Nikita Gutsalenko gave this amazing concept of bike rack for secure parking of bicycles for the New Yorkers.

The rack has been designed to provide safe parking by locking your bicycle in the rounded lock that is connected to the pillar. The rounded lock of the pillar could be easily fixed into your bicycle in any way whether from the front or middle or back.

Restore bike rack

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3. Portable PC Theatre –

The pure entertainment device designed by Jin Woo Han is Portable PC Theatre whose width is equal to the combined width of 3 DVDs and 2 CDs. The unique feature which makes it different from other PCs is that the display has been replaced by a built-in removable projector.

This slim and sleek PC has retractable cords and a collapsible keyboard. The PC is portable, so you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy the experience of watching movie comfortably. The built-in projector could be detached from the PC for better positioning of the display. The PC is embedded with 2 surround speaker system on either side of the PC body.

Portable PC1

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The troubling part of any road trip is to know the correct directions, which off course now we can get through mobile GPS but what to do when there is no network? Well, I will not be ashamed in asking directions in strange town but surely, I cannot ask directions in my own town.

GPS Path Quest is your answer for all direction help in any city covered by google Maps. Kyle Fleischhacker designed a very innovative GPS system with 2 screens and make use of Google maps for navigation. The path on the double screen display uses E-Ink for conserving battery power.


Image Source:

5. SWATCH “Infinity” Concept Watch –

Infinity Concept Watch by SWATCH is an ultra-sleek, innovative and multipurpose watch design. Infinity is bracelet style digital wrist-watch which is more than a watch. It is embedded with mp3 player, digital audio player, video player or recorder and a photo album viewer.

This watch is designed by Pierre Merlet. To support the functionality built-in the watch would also have a display screen and a camera. The watch has a removable face which can be detached to sync and recharge, and had a band made of synthetic leather and utilizes a magnetic clasp.

SWATCH InfinityWatch

Image Source:

6. RICAVISION Fridge Magnet –

Fridge Magnets have always been a fun way of expressing things to your family. Ricavision has combined the technology in the Fridge Magnets making them more dynamic and expressing

This Modern-Day Fridge Magnet MK140 FM is diminutive 3.5-inch QVGA screen, which can be connected wirelessly to any of your Vista PC for scheduling updates, media and email. It is a small handheld portable home scriber device The Magnet comes with a stylus which could be used to write on the screen of the device and turns it into a multi-color Post-It note.

Ricavision FridgeMagnet

Image Source: 

7. P-Per Mobile Phone –

It is the mobile phone designed by Chocolate Agency which is made up of only four layers a printed circuit board, extruded polycarbonate, recycled titanium and a wraparound LED touchscreen. This phone is an unlikely combination of advanced, simple, green and unique features.

This futuristic mobile phone is made from sustainable materials to cope with it physical functions and has an environmental friendly organic battery which is free from heavy metals.

The most unique feature of all it that the look of the phone could be changed as per the individual users in a single click. It lets you incorporate all the colors and graphics of your choice. The phone has screen on 2 sides – one which displays the messaging functions and the other has a camera with a panoramic wrapped viewfinder.

P PerMobilePhone

Image Source:

8. Jetson Family Dining –

We all are well acquainted with the Jetson Family and the advanced appliances they made use of. Dining Table was also among one of the advanced technology being used in their house. Turkish Designer Fatih Can Sarioz created a six-person dining table set inspired by the Jetson Family Dining and the philosophy that family dinner times are special.

Designer Fatih named it as Kure, a Turkish word meaning sphere, is a futuristic concept table designed in the shape of flower when it opens to full-fledged dining table. The shape changes to a sphere when the dining table is closed. The table has a light source fitted at the center of it which glows as white light above the table and as blue light in the base below.

Jetson FamilyDining

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We don’t know how many of these ideas would turn into a reality gadgets but as said the ideas could help the world to evolve and grow the cutting-edge technology presented in the idea. So, let’s wait and see what the future gadgets have for us in the store.

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