Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future- Part 2


We hope that you found the conceptual gadgets in our previous blog worth reading about. Having said that, we did mention that there are even more conceptual projects in the list. This blog will continue with the list of awesome futuristic conceptual gadgets. We can assure you that by the end of it you all would start wishing that you had these gadgets for real.

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1. Underwater Jet Ski –

Underwater JetSki

Image Source: wordlesstech

This conceptual design of watercraft by Mathias Koehler is named as Nereus. It can also be referred as Underwater Jet Ski which has a special feature that lets you travel on water and dive or submerge for short periods.

This whacky looking jet ski uses the wind for propulsion, which means the rider can spend as long as they like out on, or under, the water. The ski has the foot pedals to steer and a set of pivoting fins at the base which are controlled by the hand grips and are activated in the underwater dive.

One of the other unique feature is that the tank and engine of the ski has been replaced through a wing of Kite Surf. The scooter has been designed to run on high speeds, hence the stronger the wind more will be the speed edge.

2. 18-button Computer Mouse –

18 ButtonMouse

Image Source: quintype-01.imgix

War Mouse has given a conceptual design of an 18-button Mouse with an analog joystick and supports 52 Key commands. The Open Office Mouse was the first multi-button mouse application which was designed for a wide range of Software Platforms like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, and 3.1.

The OpenOffice Mouse features 18 programmable mouse buttons with double-click functionality in 3 different button modes: Key, Keypress, and Macro. It has an optional analog Xbox 360-style joystick which has optional four, eight and 16-key command modes.

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3. Marine Drone Concepts –

Marine Drone Concepts

Image Source: s3images.coroflot

One main reason for increase in Global Warming is that the nature is getting polluted everywhere. We’ve already got robots to clean the trash on land and in space but what about ocean? This has become a subject of concern for scientists and designers alike. Several ideas have been given for cleaning up the plastic bits floating in the ocean.

One such innovative idea is of the Marine Drone. The designers behind this concept are Elie Ahovi, Adrien Lefebvre, Philomène Lambaere, Marion Wipliez, Quentin Sorel and Benjamin Lemoal.

This drone is basically an oversized pool net with fitted sensor machine and works on waterproof, high powered batteries which can lasts up to 2 weeks. These drones are made to scout the seas for collecting plastic trash and other foreign objects in the ocean in a very innovative way. It has mechanism by which it can emit irritating signal that causes the wildlife to flee away from it, hence it ensures that no sea creatures are caught with the trash. Once the net is fully loaded it returns to the surface where the crew empties the rubbish for proper disposal.

4. Living Roof – Architecture Design Concept –

Living Roof

Image Source: inhabitat

How about a room in terrace which depicts Luxury, Style and Ecology with an experience of spending night under the skies without having to leave the house? The ultimate solution for that has been devised in the form of urban retreat for yourself and for your guests by NAU Architects.

It is a self-sustaining and mobile pod home which could be perched atop any building. The pod is designed in a way to generate all the electricity needed by it and could be transformed from an office to a lounge to sleeping quarters.

The home is inbuilt with a series of photovoltaic panels which help in harnessing solar energy. For the ventilation, a tiny wind turbine has been provided at each end and generate electricity. They also help funnel rain water which is filtered and used afterwards for drinking and other things.

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5. Renew Solar Battery Charger Design Concept –

Renew Solar Battery Charger

Image Source: 1.bp.blogspot

Renew is an innovative battery charger which utilizes solar energy to charge the AA batteries to encourage consumers to switch from disposables to rechargeable batteries. The bigger benefit is that it eradicates the confusion of whether a battery is charged, or fully charged or semi-charged by a smart reconfiguration in the way batteries are loaded and stored within charges.

The outer look is designed in the form of a decorative frame which could be hung on the window door through suction cup or made to stand on a table.

There is solar panel that harness the energy of the sun to charge the portable and rechargeable batteries kept in the frame. To sort the confusion between charged and discharged battery the discharged batteries are inserted from the top and charged batteries are retrieved from the bottom.

6. Solo – Traffic Light –

SoloTraffic Light

Image Source: mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance

This project consists of modular light which can be used for a variety of urban signaling and traffic signaling light functions. Designer Matheus de Luca, Moreira Pinto and Porto Alegre created this versatile system of light which can be used for signaling in construction sites, by police, for detours or transit operators.

The solo lamp is made with weather proof material, hence that makes it perfect for outdoor uses. These modular signal lamp have been possible because of the LEDs and are also eco-friendly. The lights are of portable size and weight to ensure that it easy for road workers and traffic police to carry them around in cases of detouring or road repair.

7. Watch – Running Square Concept –

running square watch

Image Source: andysowards

The concept has no big aims behind, rather it has been created just as a simple product with an innovative idea. The watch design is innovative because of the unusual way of displaying the time to us.

Instead of sticks for hours, minutes and seconds the watch has digital squares which moves around the display to show the time. It has 2 squares one to depict the hour and one to depict the minutes. The reason it is named as Running Square Concept watch is because the squares of hour and minute hand are moving across the dial.

8. Nord Fridge Concept –

nord fridge concept

Image Source: tuvie

Nord has given a conceptual design of the fridge which is a kind of adaptable fridge in which it has tried to re-arrange all fridge elements into new places. The first and foremost thing it changed is it provided an inclined triangle shelf to ease the storing of bottles.

The next amazing thing is the movable shelf to adjust the height as per your need. The design and look of the fridge is simple and sleek with a neon light on the doors to indicate the fridge is on. There is a tinted glass on some parts of the fridge which lets you view what is stored without opening the fridge. It also has compartments designed to keep the greens fresh.

We think Underwater Jet Ski and the Nord Fridge Concept were the ones that most of you would wish to own. But hold your hearts for now, because we have got more in store you.

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Till then tell us in comments which were your favorite concept gadgets or anything that we didn’t include in the list. Subscribe for our newsletter to receive the next part of this blog in your inbox.

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