Complete Guide on Cleaning Your Smartphone’s Screen: the Do’s and Don’ts

Just like the air that surrounds us, our smartphone also stays with us 24×7. Whether we’re sleeping or out on a vacation, we never leave our phone behind. Our smartphone is our constant companion! But how much time do you invest in taking care of your most favorite gadget? And especially when it comes to cleaning. No, here we’re not talking about cleaning junk files or getting rid of cache memory sort of thing. We actually mean to ask what do you think is the right way of cleaning your phone’s screen, like the physical dust and bacteria that lie on the surface?

Cleaning phone screen
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Cleaning phone screen doesn’t ever appear like a huge concern to most of us. A majority of people mostly wipe the dirt with a shirt sleeve or a t-shirt corner. But don’t you think it’s somehow harming your phone screen? Almost all smartphones now come with a touch screen and we tend to tap it all day which makes the display quite blurry and dirty because of the fingerprints. Sometimes the phone’s screen also gets messy with sweat when you place the device on your ear during long conversations.

Well, if you’re wondering how to clean your phone screen in the most optimum way, here’s a quick guide explaining all the do’s and don’ts associated with phone cleaning.

Let’s get started.

Do’s: The Right Way of Cleaning Phone Screen

Dealing with Fingerprint Marks

Dealing with Fingerprint Marks
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Avoiding fingerprint smudges on your device’s display is something inevitable. No matter how clean your hands are, it still leaves fingerprint marks on the phone screen. And especially if one has oily or sweaty skin, then cleaning the phone every now and then gets pretty annoying. So, the best way of dealing the fingerprint makes is to wipe off the display with a microfiber cloth. It is one of the safest ways of cleaning phone display without harming it anyway. If the phone is way too dirty, then you can try moistening the microfiber cloth with a few water droplets and then wipe off the dirt.

Cleaning Dust and Sand

Cleaning Dust and Sand
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Be it the earpiece, the charging jack or mic, dust can get inside your phone screen by any medium. So, one of the best ways of dealing with dust that sticks on a phone screen is by using scotch tape. Yes, that’s right. Especially the most attacked dust area is the earpiece, so what you can do is gently place the scotch tape on the area and then remove it. All the dust will stick on the tape leaving your device clean and tidy.

Use Genuine Cleaning Products

Use Genuine Cleaning Products
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As your smartphone is your most precious gadget, you can surely spend a few dollars for its cleaning and hygiene, right? There are a couple of phone cleaning sprays available in the market or the web that can effectively clean your phone’s screen without harming the internal display. Taking the right care of your phone screen will make the display last for longer.


use water for cleaning
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If you own a water-resistant phone, then you can use water for cleaning it. Don’t purposely do it and dip it in water but you can try using a wet cloth and wipe off the display slowly to make it shiny and clean like never before.

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Don’ts: Never Use These Methods for Cleaning Phone Screen

Here’s a quick rundown of items that you should NEVER use for cleaning your phone screen:

Methods for Cleaning Phone Screen
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Household Cleaners: We mostly have a glass cleaner spray which we use to clean TV screen, fridge, and other electronic appliances. But don’t even use this spray for cleaning phone screen as it may have adverse effects on display. Experts have stated that cleaning your phone screen with a household glass cleaning sprays removes the external coating on the display making it rough and less responsive.

Alcohol: No, never try to apply alcohol on your phone’s screen no matter how much people suggest you for doing it. With alcohol, your device display will get more prone to scratches and which is not a pleasant thing to watch.

Soaps and Detergents: Even if you’re using a microfiber cloth, don’t mix it with any hand soap solution or detergent. Simply soak it with water if necessary, as that’s the right way to clean your device.

Vinegar: Many blogging sites recommend that you clean your phone screen with the help of vinegar. But it’s not safe, to be honest. Vinegar can remove the display coating, so don’t ever try to directly apply it in the phone display.

Nail Paint Remover: As we said earlier, nothing works better than plain water. So, don’t apply any harsh solutions on your device display if you want to keep it protected.

So, fellas, we hope you loved our complete guide on cleaning phone screen. We hope with the help of these tips and tricks, your phone screen may last longer and stays shiny & clean forever!

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