Community Hub – Facebook’s Attempt to Fight Coronavirus Rumours

Weeks after launching coronavirus information on WhatsApp, Facebook today launched Coronavirus Community Hub on Messenger. This will help people stay connected and informed about the pandemic.

With people engaging with instant messaging and video calling more than ever this is the right time to unveil coronavirus hub on Messenger. This will help them get the right information.

messenger coronavirus community hub

Why Community Hub for Messenger?

70% rise in the number of users using group video calls and messaging apps clearly shows people want to stay connected and informed.

As more than 2.7 billion users use Messenger this step form the social giant will help fight rumors spread in the name of coronavirus.

Further, the community hub will help stay connected with loved ones while we are physically distancing ourselves. Using the hub, you can schedule a virtual playdate with kids or connect with their parents and teachers for updates.

Not only this, but the Facebook hub can also help community leaders to get support from one another via video chat, text group during this time of crisis.

Is it the first step taken by Facebook?

No, in recent weeks the social conglomerate has been very helpful. It is offering free developer tools to government agencies to fight COVID-19 and has also introduced an info centre to showcase trusted information.


Further, Facebook is also working with WHO and non-profit organizations to build helplines and has offered to donate millions of dollars. In addition to this, the company has banned ads for medical masks, hand sanitizer, COVID-19 test kits.

WhatsApp’s helpline number is already helping many people and has reached 10 million users so far.


Certainly, this is a great way to stay connected and limit the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19. But the vast reach of Facebook and its initiative to help people is attracting scammers.

Unfortunately, scammers are trying to take advantage of every possible way they can. We understand this, therefore we have a list of tips that will help stay safe from scammers during COVID-19, coronavirus crises. Also, companies like Google and Apple are removing apps spreading fake news about coronavirus

Also, we request you to stay at home to stay safe. Please share your thoughts about the efforts companies are taking and how you are spending time at home. We are listening so do share your comments.

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