5 Commandments Before You Try To Access Dark Web

The deep web and dark web websites might be famous or infamous for various reasons, yet there is so much to scratch beneath the ‘surface web’, that we know.

Before you quench your thirst for how to access the dark web, it is important that you take heed of some of the safety points that won’t make you fall prey to the nefarious market for which the dark web is often feared.


There are all sorts of dark web websites on the dark web and you might be curious to browse every other website that you might stumble upon. It is highly advisable that you pay caution and don’t click on suspicious websites or websites that are illegal. That is because despite taking all the safety measures mentioned below, you might not be able to prevent your anonymity.

1. Download The TOR or Other Safe Browsers

TOR - Access Dark Web

The first thing that you should do to access dark web is to install the very secure Tor Browser without which it is not at all advisable to browse dark web websites. The TOR browser will help you keep anonymous and preserve your privacy. It does this by relaying and routing all your web traffic through its own network and thereby making it anonymous.

Download TOR

After downloading the Tor browser, here’s an important step that you must not forget. To make sure that you stay private, you must clear your cookies and cache every time you close the browser.

Although Tor is the reigning champion when it comes to accessing dark web websites, you can also choose the likes of Brave Browser which integrates Tor and gives a browsing mode using which you can enhance your privacy.

2. Don’t Expose Your Real Identity

Even though you might have installed the TOR or other safe browsers to access dark web browser, you shouldn’t use your public or regular email when entering the dark web (even after using the Tor browser). If you use your regular emails, you might end up exposing your real identity.

3. Consider Choosing A Good VPN Provider

NordVPN - access dark web
Image Source: nordvpn.com

Talking about anonymity, you won’t repent shedding few bucks on a VPN service provider if you wish to access dark web.

You might ask why go for a VPN when you have already installed Tor? The fact is, while Tor masks your identity, it still does not hide your location. That is where a VPN comes to your rescue it very smartly masks your location too. It does this with the help of servers that make you look as if you are located in some other part of the world (than your own location, of course!)

Talking about some of the best VPN services, VPN services like NordVPN and Surfsharkhave for long been the first preference of many users.

4. Other Security Tools You Must Arm Yourselves With

PGP - access dark web
Image Source: opensource.com

After you have installed the right browser or VPN to access dark web browser, there are some other security tools that will help you take your privacy to the next level.

For instance, you can use PGP short for Pretty Good Privacy which is an encryption service.

You can also install Tails which is a live operating system used to encrypt emails, files, and messaging apps. Tails, in particular, can be installed on all computers with the help of a USB or even DVD.

5. Using Directories Before Visiting The Website

Directories - How to access the dark web
Image Source: thehiddenwiki.org


After you are on the dark web you might have little to no clue so as to which websites you must visit (and which websites you must not!).

This is where directories such as the Hidden Wiki can come to your rescue. These clearly describe the links mentioned on them. But again, there is no second option to exercising caution even when you are a hundred percent sure of the website, you can still fall prey to hackers, websites with fake IDs and other illegal activities.

Final Words

When you know how to access the dark web browser with the utmost caution, you will be able to surf the deep hidden (sometimes dangerous) recesses without getting harmed. After all, dark web is not all bad, you can fearlessly exercise your political stance, read a lot of informative research and stuff that you probably won’t find on the surface web.

Is there anything that we missed? Have you ever tried visiting the dark web? If yes, do share your experiences with us in the comments section below. You never know, your experience could help someone.

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