Clubhouse Finally Expands To Android After Years On iOS Only.

The audio-based and invitational only social media iOS app, Clubhouse has decided to expand its authority over different platforms beginning with Android. According to reports, Clubhouse had 9.6 million downloads in February 2021 which drastically fell to 2.7 million in March 2021. The leadership at Clubhouse seems shocked at the fact that the app’s popularity has dwindled all of a sudden.

Clubhouse finally expands to Android
Image: Clubhouse

To gain the lost momentum, the leaders have decided to release Clubhouse on Android which seems to have a much greater user base than iOS. With the Android app, Clubhouse hopes to double its peak downloads in iOS which is true because there are far more Android users when compared to Apple Smartphone users. The live audio app has already released a test version limited to Android users in the United States and will release it slowly and gradually across the globe.

Download Clubhouse on Android

The popularity story of the Clubhouse app began after Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, appeared in some of the audio chats. Also, the fact that Facebook and Twitter are introducing Clubhouse features as a new module in their app, has led this app to gain everyone’s attention. The app’s developers have also used the strategy of keeping it exclusive to Apple devices and on top of the system of Invite Only. This is a marketing tactic to make something rare and difficult to achieve and people would run after it. Eventually, everyone gets it – some get it later than others.

Clubhouse finally expands to Android after years
Image: Google

Sensor Tower reports are more devastating as they claim that after 9.6 million downloads in Feb 2021, they fell to 2.7 million users in March down to less than a million downloads in April. The founder of this app, Paul Davison has expressed concern and hence has taken a major step of removing its Apple only condition and expanded to Android.

facebook and twitter
Image: Google

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg has already announced similar features to be inculcated in its Facebook, including Podcasts. Twitter has followed a similar strategy and plans to allow its users to make money by charging others who enter these live audio chat rooms. Both these social media giants hope to increase their users and even allow them to make money by creating newer content. These chatrooms have found popularity due to most of the people following a work from home pattern and staying indoors- for most of the time

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