Cloud Backup – The best way to be secure from ransomware threats

How would you define this age? Maybe an age of technology? We’d rather call it an age of Ransomware. With an average of 4000 attacks per day, Ransomware, The most dangerous virus of today does not seem to stop anytime soon! Its attacks are just proliferating. So much so as FBI has again issued an alert against Ransomware in the States recently. Now this is the second time that FBI is warning users against Ransomware.

Saying that, we must apprise you with its attack pattern. It has been recently noted by security experts that Ransomware is been attacking organization more at downtime than usual. And out of the blue, downtime is causing more lose than ransom itself. However, organizations and individual fallen prey to this crimeware are left with two alternatives only. They either pay off the ransom or capitulate their data. Or put it the other way, organizations hit by Ransomware either pay to the wily criminals or lose their data in first place. And then, if the attack takes place at downtime it causes more loss to institute since they run out of data for several days.

Ransomware: ways to fight and overcome the threat!

For the uninitiated, Ransomware is apathetic. It locks your computer, encrypt all its data and steal the ransom from you. And on top of that, it isn’t going anywhere soon. There are higher possibilities that this crimeware reaches to another height with new variants and stronger encryption.

Perhaps, with these alarming attacks calls for an immediate and absolute solution against Ransomware. Cloud back can work as an armor for you or we say it’s the James Bond for your own organization’s picture.

Our recommendation for cloud back is supported by many aspects. In the first place, it lets you detached data backup from your local drives or from the organization’s server. Since the data is nowhere on your system or server, it is considerably challenging for criminals to take hold on it. Furthermore, you can upload all sorts of files on the cloud.

In order to keep your data safe and secure, you can use Systweak Software’s Right Backup app. Right Backup is a modest app. It has an easy-to-go interface that lets you quickly upload files on cloud storage. In other words, Right Backup allows you to have a free online backup. Here is a basic run-through of the app.

  • As soon as you download and launch the app, you will have to start a backup program with ‘Start Backup Now’ button. This allows the app to scan through all potentials documents on your system for backup.

Right Backup secure data aganist ransomware

  • Upon scanning the results, you’ll have to select the files and folder for backup. Once that is done, simply click on the ‘Start Backup’ button and let the app backup your data on cloud storage.

Right Backup safest place for data save on cloud

  • In case if Ransomware happens to attack your system (we wish it doesn’t), you straightway need to look upon your data on your Right Backup account. Restore all your data with a simple few clicks. Select the files from Restore tab and retrieve them in a click.

Online Cloud backup tool for ransomware

  • Other than this, you can also set a schedule for automatic backup, can customize the settings to pile up your cloud account as per your requirement.

Automatic backup right backup anywhere

  • Right Backup is available across all platforms. Download Now and Let us help you from losing your data to ransomware.

Protect yourself from Ransomware with the amazing Right Backup app. You can download it here.

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