How to Identify and Clear Image Cache to Recover Space on Android?

Android devices have become very popular because they are portable and easy to carry about with pretty decent battery life. However, there remains a limitation of storage space that can be resolved by either using external storage devices or by clearing up the unnecessarily occupied space by Junk and cache files. This post helps users to clear image cache and temp images to recover storage space on their internal memory by using a free application called Systweak Photos Cleaner Application.

How To Identify And Clear Image Cache To Recover Space On Android

Photos Cleaner

The beauty of the Photos Cleaner software is that it is simple to use and does not take much time or effort. Here’s how to erase images on an Android device with the Photos Cleaner app:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download Photos Cleaner, or click the link below.


Step 2: After it has been installed, open it up and select the Scan Photos button in the center of the screen.

Scan Photos

Step 3: Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with some folders containing hidden and deleted images that were still there on your phone.

Step 4: Open a folder and erase any unneeded photos by tapping on it.


Remember, that if you delete a photo from this app, you will not be able to recover it.

Systweak Photos Cleaner – Identify & Clear Image Cache

Systweak Photos Cleaner

Now that you have successfully cleared cache photos and other temp images to recover lost and valuable storage space, let us discuss why we choose Systweak’s Photo Cleaner app over hundreds of other apps on Google Play Store.

Systweak Photos Cleaner is an Android photo recovery program that scans and finds all of your device’s hidden and deleted photos, displaying them all in one interface. The main goal of this program is to help you retrieve lost memories and remove hidden photos that are taking up space on your device. On the other hand, this feature also helps to scan, identify and recover cache and temp images that can be permanently deleted. Here are some features of Systweak Photos Cleaner that will help you learn more about it.

Make More Storage Space Available

All smartphone users struggle with storage space, and upgrading to a higher-capacity SD card isn’t always the answer. Scanning and determining why the storage space is occupied and how the space might be gained is an alternative resolution. Duplicates should be removed, unnecessary programs should be uninstalled, and junk files should be deleted, to name a few methods. However, a few specialists are aware of one task: deleting undesired and garbage photos that are made in the form of thumbnails and cached images.

Phone Performance Has Been Improved

Any storage device with more files than it needs will have poor performance. This program is meant to delete superfluous image files to optimize the efficiency of your smartphone. The amount of time it takes to look for files on your phone will be substantially decreased as well.

It’s Simple And Free To Use

recover deleted photos

The final aspect, and one of the most crucial advantages of utilizing this application, is that it is completely free to download and install, as well as extremely simple to use.

Saves Time And Effort

When compared to the manual way, using Systweak’s Photo Cleaner to perform the task of eliminating unwanted photos saves a significant amount of time and work.

Internal And External Memory Are Scanned

External SD cards attached to your phone can be scanned with the same efficiency and algorithms as the phone’s internal storage by Systweak’s Photos Cleaner. This aids in the removal of undesirable and garbage photos.

The Final Word On How To Identify And Clear Image Cache To Recover Space On Android?

Many apps on your Android device rely on all temporary and cache files to work properly. These transient files, on the other hand, gather and grow in quantity over time, consuming a lot of needless storage space. Users must remove images on Android using third-party apps like Photos Cleaner because there is no manual or default method for clear image cache in the Android operating system.

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