Chrome Version 64 Launched: The Best Of The Best!

Google recently launched the latest version for its web browser, Chrome. Called the Chrome version 64, this deserves mention as public is surely hailing it as a pro customer update. This update helps users against the vulnerabilities named ‘Spectre and Meltdown’. They were discovered in late 2017 and shall now end the exploitation that hackers could have undertaken with these ransomware.

Bye Felicia!

One of the biggest and probably the most eagerly awaited feature of this latest update is the option of disabling the Pop- Ups! With the advancement in the Pop-Up blockers, one no longer has to be forced into a brand new page to suffer through an entire advertisement. Simply close and move on.

What makes this entire process of Advertisements even more irritating is not just the video, but also the default audio of the said video starting the exact second one has loaded the complete page. The awkwardness of rushing to mute the video, shall now be a thing of the past. This feature is activated in the easiest manner. Simply, click on the left hand ‘View Site Information’ icon. The icon has been displayed below.

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chrome tab

Once opened, set the Audio to Block or Default (as you wish )

chrome sound

Hello There!

hello there chrome

Another additional feature that sweetens the pot is that, it now supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) in Videos. This feature is a boon to Netflix users who can now stream HDR videos directly on their Windows PC. The only Red Flag in this update is that, the content to be streamed needs to be HDR ready and the Hardware of the PC supports it with valid graphic cards!

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How To Update Chrome 64?

All of these features are available as a default setting with the update. No region or area is deprived of availing them. No more worries about setting up a separate configuration. Simply update your browser to version 64 and reap these benefits.

To update your browser, go to the right-hand corner of your screen and click on the 3 black dots. Scroll down to Help, then click on, About Google Chrome. The path has been displayed in the image below.


chrome help

about google chrome

Once you click on About Google Chrome, a new window opens where in the version automatically starts to update. This updating process takes up to 5 to 10 minutes depending on the Internet speed. Once it has updated, a Relaunch tab shall be activated. A word of caution, it shall restart your Chrome, and by doing so, you lose out on all the open Chrome tabs on your screen.

google chrome up to date

There you go! You have successfully updated your Chrome to the latest version 64. Another approximate 6 weeks more to go for Version 65 to launch. Let’s hope that version too is user friendly. Now if only Zuckerberg does something about those Candy Crush notifications!

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