Chrome: A Threat To Your Macbook’s Battery

Google’s Chrome is one of the finest browser used worldwide and Mac is the best computer one can have. Don’t you think this deadly combination, is really amazing, if you get it on your Macbook?

Surely, the answer will be Yes, because you don’t know that this blend is one of the major reason for battery drain. Whenever, you look for a solution to improve your Mac’s battery life the first thing that is suggested is to avoid using Chrome, since it is a big resource hog under Mac OS.

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With the passing time Chrome has become overstuffed and that is the reason why it doesn’t mix well with OS X. Many users have not yet noticed this, as this has happened gradually.

Here are some whys and wherefores every Mac-loving Chrome user should know:

1. Chrome is eating your Mac’s battery

Battery is one of the major feature of Mac and it is gets enhanced in each of its OS update. Mac also gives an energy impact measuring tools to the operating system. You can find by clicking your battery icon right now.

Mac battery

When you open it you can see Google Chrome in the list every time, if it is running.

As it is said, Chrome drains Macbooks battery so to save battery instead of using Chrome start using Safari.

This issue is already reported to Google and they are working on it. But still there is no concrete solution to the problem.

2. Google is watching you

You might not know that Google keeps tracks of mostly all the activities you perform. It has more information about you then you can even think.

Google is watching you

Especially the Gmail account is a library for all your communications, it has all the data of what you do and what searched for. It’s like someone is keeping an eye and all your personal data is being shared without you even noticing it.

It gives you suggestion based on your previous searches and lot more. So it’s better to use another browser.

3. More CPU usage

You have just charged your Macbook with 100% battery and suddenly after an hour, there is a low battery message. What can be the reason, don’t think much it’s because Chrome uses more CPU power in comparison to Safari.

More CPU usage

Since Chrome focuses more on speed it does not give attention to any other things. This is the biggest inefficiency of Chrome.

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4. No more Chrome updates for older version of     Mac OS

Chrome updates

If you are using still using Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion, you will not be able to get Chrome updates. Since updates are being cut off and this was announced by Google.

So if you still want to use Chrome use it without updates or update your Mac OS to get Chrome updates.

5. Chrome doesn’t work the way other Mac   programs do

A lot has been said about Chrome and how it works. But, the way it works is not right, this fact does not overrule that fact that Chrome is still used by many users.

Mac programs

When Mountain Lion was released Apple introduced a system-wide notifications system, for the users to see all the notifications at one place without missing any. But Chrome doesn’t use this system, it uses a completely different system and doesn’t show notifications where all other apps shows in the system-wide notification system. Also when you hit CMD-Q Mac apps are instantly closed, but Chrome doesn’t accept the command, it takes sometime to get closed. Apps have their own preferences window but Chrome uses a website in a tab.

This clearly explains that Chrome doesn’t work the way Mac apps do.

6. Safari VS Chrome

Safari is the default web browser in Mac, but still it is not widely used. The reason behind it is that, it is slow and heavy. But as the things are changing so is Safari also, it has now become faster, sleeker and better than Chrome.

Safari VS Chrome

If you haven’t tried the browser with the recent updates, it high time to give it a try. Until you try it you will never know what you are missing. So give it a try and experience the difference.

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7. Hangout hides dock

As already stated Chrome works its own way and so does the hangout. Hangouts extension covers my dock, which no other app on the Mac does.

Hangout hides dock

It shows up on every desktop by default, something no other app does. It does not behave like a Mac app which makes it worse to be used. Even the notifications don’t integrate with the OS X notification center.

8. Safari fits in with Mac

Safari fits in with Mac

Unlike Chrome Safari mixes well with Mac and works the Mac way. Undoubtedly it is a better choice, all things get integrated better with Safari, even the bookmarks.

Final Word:

There is a possibility that many of you will stop using Chrome, since you are absolutely in love with it. Fair enough, but if you feel trapped and want to have a good battery life, then you can give Safari a try. Don’t be rigid and try other options and see what difference they can make.

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Whatever you decide is completely fine, but giving new things a try doesn’t harm.

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