Christmas Vibes Hits The Web With Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is back with all the fun to kickstart your Christmas 2019 wait. Started way back in 2004, Google’s Santa Tracker has been the harbinger of Christmas carols, especially for people stuck in their jobs and pile of work in this festive season.

With the greatest festive night of the world less than three weeks away, people need all the Christmas fun they can have. And Google Santa Tracker is the place to have a little fun in your boredom routine. Filled up with games and all sorts of Christmas trivia, Google Santa Tracker 2019 is here to bring you Christmas vibes right at your desk.

Let’s find out what the 2019 Santa Tracker has in place for you and your friends and how you can make the best out of its fun elements.

How Santa Tracker Works?

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is an animated setting of a Google Santa Village where every character from his folklore resides. The tracker actually begins around midnight on December 25, when Santa begins his tour across the globe to distribute presents. Making his first stop in far eastern Russia, Santa begins his 25-hour long journey which includes famous stop locations such as Paris and New York. The site visitors experience great visual changes as Santa reaches different locations while waiting for Christmas carols to arrive home.

But, before Christmas, the site, however, locked, comprise some fine creations, pass-time games, and Christmas trifles that you can explore while eagerly waiting for the big day.

Here’s what the Google Santa Tracker has in its bucket for you and your loved ones:

1. Get Your Kids to Learn Code

Get Your Kids to Learn Code

A small puzzle-like game called Code Lab allows users to solve puzzled and code directions for Santa’s elf. The game features an elf struggling his way through blockades and trying to get to his gift. It’s up to you to help him find a way to his gift by coding a blockade-free direction for him using directional commands. Though a simple pass time, it’s a great pleasure for the kids to help their friendly elves reaching for their gifts while waiting for the real ones they are about to get on Christmas.

2. Discover How World Celebrates Christmas

Discover How World Celebrates Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the only festival which is celebrated throughout the globe with equal enthusiasm and respect for Christianity’s traditions. But little do we know that Christianity has its own history in different parts of the world and therefore, these traditions differ in those parts. And this is the reason that every major nation celebrating Christmas has its own elements added to it.

With Google Santa Tracker, you can learn all there is to know about how the world celebrated Christmas. The Holiday Traditions module of the website takes you from the United States, Brazil, and Argentina to Iceland, the United Kingdom, and Kyrgyzstan. All these location points open up with a snippet citing what local folklore and traditions influence Christmas over there. A great place to know the global perspective of Christmas.

3. Wish Your Foreign Friends Merry Christmas

Thanks to Google Translate, you can wish your friends from vast nations a Merry Christmas. A module on Google Santa Tracker runs Google Translate’s code to translate Christmas phrases in multiple languages. Learn how you can spread Google Santa village and its harmony across the globe.

4. Help Santa Uncover Unknown Lands

Another fun game which is going to test not just the kids’ but your adult’s geography as well. In this Map Quiz, All you need to do is put the country right at its location on the world map, and help Santa make a perfect route for this Christmas. Get your geography tested guys!

5. Can You Draw?

draw candy

This is the best thing to do when you’re bored at the office. Even I went on to play it for I don’t know how long when I was writing this blog. Quick Draw is a 30-second drawing challenge where you’ll be asked to draw a figure from famous Christmas folklore. If you have your image in the right place, I think you’ll be able to beat that Google bot who’s going to be the judge of your creativity. Go and pick up a brush!

6. Snowbox


Get to work guys cause Santa is coming. Google Santa Tracker is giving you an opportunity to create a perfect Santa stay in your own virtual imagination. Use the minimal tools and create castles, snow trees, snow people, and further design a Santa’s village of your own made entirely of ice and snow. Sounds exciting right? Then let’s get to work with Santa’s Snowbox.

7. Give Santa Some Style

Give Santa Some Style

As far as I know, I would never recognize Santa without his long white beard and his red cap. But I also can’t stop wondering how he’d have looked if he had followed the latest grooming trends. Well, it’s time to find out. Santa Selfie allows you to groom Santa in your favorite look. Give him a shave or a nice trim or even adjust his short hair above. Guess we find out all the disguises of our beloved Santa.

8. Teach Your Kids All About Christmas

A short video titled A Day at the Museum will take you through the traditions and tales of Christmas. Join elves, Santa, the reindeer and everyone from Santa’s village for a visit to the Museum of Holiday and Cheers, and learn how Santa Claus has become the best tale of Christmas since the ages.

9. Use Google Assistant as your pre-Christmas Host

Use Google Assistant as your pre-Christmas Host

Google Santa Tracker uses Google Assistant to run a North Pole Newscast to run updates on Christmas and Google Santa Village in the most fun ways. Elves would host your newscast while you’ll be taken on a troll of early Christmas preparations at Santa’s place. All you need to ask Google Assistant – “what’s new at the North Pole”.

Google Santa Tracker is your in-house treat of pre-Christmas days when you’re stuck on your daily routine while waiting for the arrival of the year’s greatest festive night. Besides all this stuff,

the Santa tracker has got a lot more in place. From free canvas drawings to games like Elf Ski, Penguin Dash, and Wrap Battle, you can have loads and loads of fun on the site. Plus, if you want that fun to not end, you can download the app for the same via Play Store.

So, get into your Christmas pants and start unloading joy in your family with Google Santa Tracker. It’s less than twenty days before Santa takes off. Time to welcome him home! Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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