Check Out These Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone and Android

Wireless chargers are something we all need in our lives and this wireless charging technology is just magically working and improving all the time. With the invention of new technology every now and then, wireless chargers are leading their way towards this brave new world. The best wireless chargers are not the ones with no wires at all. They are still required to be plugged into a walled outlet.

What Benefits Do Wireless Chargers Offer?

Wireless chargers keep your iPhone and Android phone juiced up without plugging into a socket. These chargers come in different designs and sizes and are much useful for the smartphones supporting Qi wireless standards. With wireless charging equipment, you need to drop your iPhone or Android phones on the wireless charger’s dock or stand. The moment you drop your smartphone on the charging dock, it will begin to receive power.

Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone And Android

1. Unravel Wireless Charger

Unravel Wireless Charger

A wireless charger that can meet your overall needs, Unravel is one of those amazing chargers that does not only charge a single device but lets you charge three devices at a time. Each dock is putting out 10W of power. The charger is portable enough as you can fold Unravel and flatten it every time you want to use all its three docks. This foldable wireless charger for iPhone and Android can also be used in a triangle shape or can be folded to use only its single pad. Unravel Wireless Charger is for both iPhone and Android giving no trouble charging up all.


  • Can charge up to 3 devices at a time.
  • Each charging pad can power your device for 10W.
  • Expensive yet smartly designed smartphone charging device.

Price: $100

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2. Bezalel Altair

Bezalel Altair

A stylish wireless charger for your desk, Bezalel Altair is carved from aluminum along with a soft suede panel that gives cushion-like feel to your device, protecting it from scratches. The charger is not very heavy but still a rubber panel at the bottom keeps your device secure by preventing it from sliding around. iPhones and Android phones that support Qi wireless charging can be charged at a high speed. The device can be charged both horizontal and vertical directions. The key drawback in buying this wireless charger is that there is no wall adapter.


  • Delivers up to 10W power.
  • Serves as a stand for hands-free use.
  • Provides a rubber panel for phone’s safety.

Price: $65

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3. Nanami Fast Wireless Charger

Nanami Fast Wireless Charger

Looking for the best wireless chargers? Nanami wireless charger is all that you need for a lesser price and better results. This amazing wireless charger comes up with a simple yet designer stand that you can use to charge either Android or iOS devices. It further allows you to charge your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. This is also a sleep friendly wireless charging dock wherein the LED indicator shuts off automatically after 10 seconds.


  • Cost-effective and sleep-friendly charging device.
  • Safety assurance feature to prevent your phone from overheating.
  • Delivers 10W of power.

Price: $22

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4. Google Pixel Stand

Google Pixel Stand

If you are purposively looking for the best wireless charger for your Pixel phone, we would recommend you to use Google Pixel Stand. This charging dock is able to give more power than the other products listed above. It can deliver up to 11W power and does a lot more than a basic wireless charger. It turns Google’s phone into a smart display. While your phone is charging, you can use your Google phone to check your schedule, weather, and commuting information, etc. The materials used while manufacturing this wireless charger includes silicone and polycarbonate.


  • Charges your Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 in portrait and landscape.
  • Can charge only Qi-compatible devices.
  • Solid and sturdy design.

Price: $80

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5. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

Get this wireless charger for iPhone if you care about style. This amazing product is one of the best wireless chargers as it blends well enough with good looks and utility. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger is available in multiple color choices making it an eye-catching product. Also, this amazing device makes your phone elevated in a way that it is easy to activate facial recognition and make video calls. Just like the majority of wireless chargers listed here, Native Union Dock charger also delivers power up to 10W. It lets you change your iOS device in both portrait and landscape mode.


  • Thermal protection keeps devices cool.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Lets your device gain up to 10W power.

Price: $80

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Wrapping Up: Which Wireless Charger Will You Choose?

 These were some of the best wireless chargers for iPhone and Android devices. If you are interested or use any wireless charger that is not on our list, please share them in the comments section below. There are hundreds of chargers in the market; we are still ensuring that we help you get the best reliable products. Would you like to try your hands on any of these wireless devices? Which one will you choose wired or wireless chargers? Let us know!

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