Chatbots: Why Are They Continually Failing Us?

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Every machine that was designed prior to computers served as an extension to human body. Cycles, crane, butter churner, all of these are examples for the same. Computer was the first of its kind as it was built to expand the human brain, not just share the physical chores. Time changed, but the goal remained the same. We are on an endless spree to design a machine that surpasses us. The irony is we have yet not built a machine that is capable of performing every single function at once. Knowing about every single thing, a few of us have already declared the chatbots useless. Reason? They are not able to perform the task for which they were designed. But is this the chatbot’s fault?



If we take a look at the reports, we have not designed a single chatbot that is capable of performing everything we desire. This is not the fault of chatbots, it’s ours! They are not capable of thinking and learning by themselves; they need us for the same! Though we have tried hard and designed Alexa and Google Assistant but  none of them have succeeded.

The chatbot market has already started to fracture and the reason behind it is, us. We are expecting too much from machines without putting in the amount of efforts required. We, instead of designing one chatbot that is capable of doing everything, have decided to design an army of them to do specific tasks. The perfection they have in doing these tasks cannot be compared to humans.

If we take a look at WeChat, it offers two types of bots, namely subscription accounts bot and service accounts bot. The first one’s purpose is to discover; it understands huge vocabulary by using NLP, that is, Natural Language Processing. It helps users to search for and discover the content which they are looking for, and is similar to what Google does. The second one is termed as service bot. It has existed since long and was designed to follow a simple decision tree structure. Now, this chatbot is highly functional and serves in many areas. The list of those include airline ticket reservation, customer service, ordering food at an airport restaurant, etc.



There is no denying the fact that both of these bots are highly functional, but the problem arises when they are expected to do work of the other. And this problem exists because we have failed in doing our job of designing them all efficient, and thus they should not be blamed!

Just think for yourself, do you want a highly efficient bot or a chatty one that makes your work even more difficult! Well, we believe you’ve chosen the first one, then what’s the need of getting frustrated until the bots are working fine!

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Is It About the Intelligence Or Interface?

We cannot overlook the fact that both discovery and transactional bots are useful. They do have Artificial Intelligence but their purpose is to make online transactions easier not to pass any IQ exam. That’s why the organizations which are leveraging the power of chatbots should understand that one chatbot will never be able to attain the perfection expected, not until the right technology hits the market. We should not think that they are failing us because we didn’t design them accordingly. Chatbots are much simpler than the humans and they are working absolutely fine.



For the people who believe in designing a highly efficient chatbot, you must know that a complex system takes forever to get built and one mistake can render them useless. We cannot take the risk nor we can invest too much time and money in designing chatbots and thus we cannot blame them for failing us.

It’s not the chatbots failing us, it’s our expectations.

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