CES 2019: Key Announcements Made By Amazon & Its Partners For Alexa

The world is evolving fast with the technology and so is Amazon. It has always been ahead when it comes to presenting technology.

At CES 2019, Amazon showcased its ‘Key by Amazon’, to give users a magical keyless life experience. Also, Amazon & its partners have unveiled several range of products that are Alexa-enabled.

Key By Amazon

Amazon Key is now rebranded as Key by Amazon, an app that provides secure keyless entry & door monitoring for your home. The vision behind the key is to deliver consumers a keyless life.

Key by Amazon helps in delivering in-home packages, manage all the comings and goings or monitor them. It’s a simple, seamless and secure tool that operates with Alexa.

Let’s us take a look at some of the use-cases of Key by Amazon.

  1. Schlage’s Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt, a touchscreen lock, available for pre-order now. The Encode lock could be addresses via Wi-Fi, without any separate hub required.
  2. If consumers have a CGI myQ-connected technology compatible garage door opener, then Key by Amazon can be used in it to open the door in supported areas. Just make a keyless entry to your garage by using Alexa.
  3. For bell, Ring doorbell is a product that will available in Q1 this year that can be controlled by Key by Amazon. With the Ring app, users can also view live video of anyone using the bell.

Next time you need to lock the door, just ask Alexa to do it, and done!

Ring also release a new set of products for the secure and smart home. The list of products includes video doorbell/peephole, sensors, and lights that can be controlled by an app or by using Alexa skills as well.

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More Products Introduced That Are Alexa Compatible & Enabled

With AI used, almost every product is now loaded with digital assistant. Looking to which, Amazon has joined hands with many manufacturers to build more Alexa supported devices and products.

Adding to the list, some more innovations were unveiled at CES 2019 that are Alexa-enabled.

1. Currant

curranat new smart alexa

Currant new Smart Wall is compatible with Alexa skills and is currently available for both commercial and residential purposes. It uses AI to analyze power consumption.

2. Daikin

daikin in ces

The new Daikin One smart thermostat is Alexa powered.

3. D-Link

D-Link in ces

D-Link has joined hands with McAfee to introduce Exo routers that comes with Alexa voice control support.

4. Dux

Now there will be Alexa-enabled smart beds too. The project has been introduced by Dux and Stelle.

5. GE Lighting

GE new lighting models are all compatible with Alexa voice control support.

6. Kohler

Kohler at ces 2019

Yes, now there will Alexa-enabled toilets as well. Kohler at CES 2019 presented its Alexa-compatible smart toilet named Numi 2.0 Intelligent toilet.

7. Qualcomm

Chipmaker Qualcomm joined the Alexa movement. Qualcomm demonstrated in-vehicle experiences with Amazon Alexa in next-generation vehicles.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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