CES 2019: 5 Bizarre Innovative Gizmos That Stole the Show

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is like a global stage where latest products and gadgets from around the world are showcased as it marks the future of technological advancements. For those of you who’re not aware, CES 2019 is actually happening right now in Las Vegas and more than 4,500 tech companies are exhibiting their products and innovations in a commonplace which is attended by more than 180k attendees from 150 different countries. So, now can you imagine how humungous this platform is?

ces in las vegas 2019

Just like every tech event, CES 2019 also has two whacky sides to explore. One is the good side where all useful gadgets are showcased and other is the “Crazy” side. Yes, no kidding! CES 2019 has showcased a bunch of crazy outlandish tech gizmos that will blow your mind in amazement.

Here are a few CES 2019 products that are crazy, yet cool in their own special way.

1. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Not just our home, but technology has also made its way in through our toilets. No matter how weird that sounds but it’s true. A leading bath ware company Kohler in a joint effort with tech company has introduced an all-new Numi 2.0 Intelligent Smart Toilet inbuilt with Alexa capabilities. A toilet with a voice assistant, yes that’s the whole idea. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent toilet comes be fitted with ambient lights for your toilet, Bluetooth speakers, and a hands-free open-close lid. Along with these amazing features, this smart toilet also has heated seats, an air dryer, and an adjustable water temperature feature.

2. JAXJOX Smart Workout Kettle

JAXJOX Smart Workout Kettle

This smart workout equipment can take your exercise to a whole new level. JAXJOX smart workout kettle comes at a fair price of 349$ and is bundled with an in-built motion sensor to make sure that you’re efficiently finishing your reps. All you need to do is connect this gizmo with an app and then you can also see a much-detailed analysis of your workout like how much effort you’re putting in, was it good enough for the day or not.

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3. Dreem Head Band for Deep Sleep

Dreem Head Band for Deep Sleep

Are you an insomniac? Not being able to sleep much lately? Are those sleeping pills not affecting at all? Well, don’t worry you have now Dreem   for you which effectively monitors your sleep patterns and help you sleep better. This amazing gadget works on a technology called bone conduction that combines multiple sensors which allows you to sleep peacefully.

4. Electrafly


The future of drones is here! Yes, that’s right. The Electrafly is the modern-day drone, a personal flying machine that comes with a turbojet engine capable of producing 27 KG of downward force. His super drone has the capability to take off and land vertically and can make all your Star Wars fantasy come true.

5. Bell Nexus Air Taxi

Bell Nexus Air Taxi

If anyone spoke of flying cars a decade ago, he could’ve been mistaken as a fool. But this is 2019 folks where dreams meet reality. The leading tech giant company Bell has recently introduced a 6000-pound weighing Air Taxi at CES 2019. You can call it an air taxi or a flying car whatever you like as that’s up to you. Rumors have also claimed that you can sail on this aerospace taxi from next year as Uber has also tied-up with the manufacturers. So, from 2020, you won’t have to worry about road traffic at least!

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There were a few CES 2019 products that are crazy yet cool in their own special way. So, are you looking forward to buying any one of these above-listed whacky gizmos for yourself?

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