Friday Essential: Celebrating 20 Years Of Google

The tech giant that took the Internet by storm, has turned 20 on 4th September. Who thought an idea of making a search engine that evolved out of a random academic project will become a multibillion-dollar company today.

It’s fascinating to know that a 20-year-old or should we say a ‘youngster’ has all the answers in the world. What just started as a search engine has now evolved into being a leader in Internet culture with $852 Billion worth.

Undoubtedly, no other tech companies have contributed the way Google did, towards shaping the modern Internet and the modern life of people. So, as the company marked two decades this month, it will be good to look back on what it has achieved so far.

But before starting with that, here’s a childhood picture of Google:

google 20 years


Larry Page and Sergey Brin gave birth to Google in Stanford University, California. Both had keen interest in mathematical properties of the (WWW) World Wide Web, which made them innovate a go-to-place for answers to simple, difficult or stupid questions.

Though the founding date of company is still up for debate, but Google Inc. was incorporated on 4th September, so yeah!

Currently headed by an Indian, Sundar Pichai. Seeing the search engine & YouTube’s growth, the company’s revenue rose from 26% reaching to 23.3 Billion of second quarter in 2018.

Favourite Google Products

Our favorite Google Products over the years:

1. Google Search Engine

Search engines are an essential part of our lives. The first ever product Google Search is still now the most prefer way when you’re looking something on the Internet.

google search engine

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2. Google Chrome

While all other browser has their own limelight, but Google Chrome is the world’s most dominant web browser with over 60% worldwide usage.

google chrome new metrial

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3. Android

Google has shaped the mobile world entirely, all thanks to its operating system, Android that has global presence in the market.

android by google

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4. Google Maps

Getting lost is no big deal, when Google Maps is by your side to guide you with all the directions. Google Maps are default maps for millions of users worldwide.

google maps by google on 20

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5. Google Pixel

Thanks Google, for launching the pinnacle of smartphones. The company has its own Pixel series of smartphone that is represented as the best Android today.

pixel phone by google

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6. Google Assistant and Google Home

Company’s most recent push towards AI field by releasing Google Assistant & Google Home that is probably the most advanced voice assistant/virtual assistant out there.

google assistant by google

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Top Terms We Searched So Far

These are some of the trendiest terms we searched for year by year in UK and US.


  • Brexit
  • US Elections
  • Euro to Pound
  • Love Island
  • iPhone 7
  • 1916 Rising
  • Dublin Bus Strike


  • Ariana Grande
  • Donald Trump
  • Hurricane Ophelia
  • Bank Holidays 2017
  • Facebook Log in
  • 13 Reasons Why


  • Dua Lipa
  • Donald Glover
  • Weather
  • Google Search
  • Facebook Login
  • Margot Robbie
  • Kate Middleton

20 Amazing Facts About Google on its 20th Anniversary

Here are some random facts about Google:

  1. Google was initially known as Project BackRub.
  2. The founders, Lary and Brin wanted to name Google -> ‘Googol’ (a mathematical term) which signifies as an engine that have infinite amount of information on the web. However, an auto correction resulted Googol into Google and it stuck.
  3. Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button costs 10 Million dollars per year.
  4. Google’s first storage was built of Lego.
  5. If any employee dies while working for them, their spouses gets 50% of their salary for next decade.
  6. Surprising to know, but one Google search requires a lot more computing power than it needs to send Apollo 11 astronauts to moon.
  7. Google once faced global outage for five minutes and took 40% of the web traffic with it.
  8. Google employs goats. Yeah, not kidding! As their headquarters are huge and full of greenery. Instead of using gas-powered machine, they hire loads of goats to clear the fields.
  9. In 2000, Google released a search engine that reads minds, it was called MentalPlex. Go Google about it!
  10. In 2002, Yahoo tried to acquire Google by offering an amount of $3 Billion, but the tech giant turned down the deal as they felt their minimum worth is at least $5 Billion.
  11. If you don’t know, Google has launched its search engine in China with name, Baidu.
  12. Do you know there are games hiding in Google Images. If you work a desk job, you would love to spend time on one such game. Simply search Atari Breakout on Google Images and start playing! Try Now!
  13. The company lets you explore the universe, How? Using Google Sky its more or less same as Google Maps but for cosmos.
  14. On April Fool’s day, 2007 Google sent an email to its employees that a python was loose in the premises. And it wasn’t a joke!
  15. Alphabet, the parent company of Google leads Amazon in becoming the world’s largest Internet company in terms of revenue (as of Feb,18).
  16. The name Google has acquired a place in oxford dictionary and its meaning says, “Search for information about someone or something on Internet using the search engine ‘’Google’’.)
  17. Google has gifted a city-wide Wi-Fi connection to Mountain view known as Google Wi-Fi.
  18. Google is also a wedding planner. Yeah, just plan your special day with Google Wedding. You didn’t know this, right?
  19. Do you know the current employees of Google are known as ‘Googlers’ and the new employees are called ‘Nooglers’?
  20. Now go and search for the word ‘askew’, you’ll see the content tilted towards right.

Amazing Facts About Google on its 20th Anniversary

Latest Google Announcements

  • Pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence and making Google Assistant much more natural with continued conversation.
  • Google also working towards launching Machine Learning kits.
  • Voice search paired with visual experience, in Smart Homes.
  • Upcoming Android P to have smart batteries.
  • Lookout, an Android app for blind and visually impaired people.
  • Upgradations in Google News, Google Photos and Gmail.

Want to know more about the latest Google updates, read here!

That’s It!

The tech giant has certainly changed the world, so it was meant to take a trip down memory lane and look at those amazing facts about Google.

Hope learning about these random facts and tricks, you’ll love Google even more better!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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