Multimedia & Editing

The dizzying array of editing & designing tools can make it challenging to pick the best among the glut. Our roundups will ease your task!

Audio Editing

How to Fix Rec Room Mic Not Working in Windows PC?

Rec Room is a popular online game played by millions across the globe and it offers a virtual reality game creation system so that you can play and create games like Roblox. This is a time-absorbing experience and fun to play with family an...


How To Sort Photos By Date Using Photo Organizer?

Every one of us using smartphones has no less than a thousand photos (including myself). However, they must all be lying in different folders jumbled up and mixed up. This guide will help you to sort photos by date and organize them into va...

Exif Data

All You Need To Know About Time Of Flight Camera

A lot of smartphones come with the Time of flight technique. You must be curious about what it really does and how is that helpful to take better pictures. We are going to discuss the terminology and its purpose. The advantages of the photo...


Top GIF Maker And Editor For Windows 10, 8, 7

GIFs are the most commonly seen to show gestures or represent a short video clipping. GIF i.e. Graphics Interchange Format supports both static and animated image files. We all have seen GIFs of some kind or other in the past, but they are ...