Can You Still Download the Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7?

I know this for a fact that if there is a software that is missed by die-hard Windows fans then, it is the Windows Movie Maker which disappeared in Windows 7. One of the best video editing software ever developed, Windows Movie Maker was created by the master itself. But the mystery, why Microsoft discontinued the software for no apparent reason, remains still. However, with some stroke of luck, I happened to get a free downloadable and full version of the last released version of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7.

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How to Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7?

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7- Website
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As I mentioned, I did find a website with an executable installation file for Windows Movie Maker software. When Microsoft discontinued this application, it also removed the samefrom its official website. However, there is a genuine full version copy lying at the Internet Archive website, and I have personally tried and tested the file. Click on the link below to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7.

Windows Movie Maker Free Download

There is another fact which you must know before installing the software. In 2012, before discontinuing this software, Microsoft had bundled the Windows Movie Maker into a software suite known as Windows Live Essentials 2012. The file that can be downloaded from the above link will contain more than one software, and the complete list includes Windows Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Messenger (does not work), Mail (limited functionality), OneDrive and Writer.

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How to Install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7?

Installing the Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 machine requires the same process as you would with installing any other software. Here the quick steps to do so:

Step 1. Make a double-click on the file you have downloaded from the link above.

Step 2. Once the installation process initiates, you would receive a prompt asking you to choose which software you would like to install from the Windows Live Essentials Suite. It is recommended to choose Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 only.

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 - Installation options

Step 3. Click on Install button located at the bottom right corner.

Step 4. The installation process will begin and will take some time to finish.

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 - Installing

Step 5. Once it completes, you can now edit your video clips using Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7.

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 - icon

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Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 - Interface

A Brief History of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

Windows Movie Maker software was introduced in Windows ME, the version launched after the y2k bug in 1999. It was known as the Millennium Edition as it was released in the year 2000 and succeeded Windows 98. There were no digital cameras 20 years ago, and all the analogue media was first converted to digital media, and then imported in Windows Movie Maker for editing and special effects.

Windows Movie Maker revolutionized the media world, and due to its emerging popularity, Microsoft added new features to it and rechristened it to Windows Live Movie Maker. Although there were fewer features as compared to video editing software today, Windows Movie Makerdid not crash nor had any severe issues in functioning. However, the speed was super slow, but the Intel Pentium 4 Processors with hardly 1 or 2 GB RAM were to blame.

Before being discontinued by Microsoft, Windows Movie Maker received several updates, and the final version has many astounding features. Some of those amazing features include Audio Mixers, Record Voiceovers, Ribbon Toolbars, Xbox 360 Playback and a rare feature back then, to export videos directly to YouTube. The software was also the most straightforward and quickest video editing software ever.

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Your Thoughts on Can You Still Download the Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7

Although, many would consider Windows Movie Maker as an obsolete application with many other video editing software available today. Moreover, the simplicity and speed of free software that could apply effects to your video clips with ease still deserve a chance to be tried out at least once.

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