Budget Phones VS Flagship Phones: What Would You Pick?

Every week, dozens of new smartphone models are launched in the market. The market is literally flooded with a variety of phones like it’s some kind of race of rivalry between the smartphone manufacturers. Well, yes, no doubt a smartphone is most certainly a must-have gadget, something without which we can’t survive the day. Our smartphones are our all-time favorite companion and we can do so much with these tiny marvels of technology. From making phone calls to clicking pictures to ordering food, there’s nothing that a smartphone can’t do.

So, when it comes to picking a smartphone for yourself, what is your criteria? We obviously cannot use one smartphone for our entire life. Would you rather stick to budget phones which are affordable and power-packed with new features or you would trust your instinct and buy a flagship phone of your favorite brand? It’s a tough call, right?

Before We Begin

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Whether it’s budget phones that are released almost every week or premium flagship smartphones that are worth every penny, each has its own set of pros and cons, and it totally depends on how a buyer perceives it.

Let’s highlight a few differences of comparison between flagship phones vs budget phones that will allow you to choose better.

Camera Resolution

Cannot ignore this one, right? Well, whether you agree or not, but camera resolution does matter and it’s really important how capable a smartphone is in terms of photography. We spend tons of money (maybe more) while buying flagship smartphones from major brands like Apple and Samsung, and the camera resolution they offer is absolutely impeccable.

Camera Resolution
Image Source: Mac World

On the other hand, as budget phones are available at a comparatively cheaper price tag, they mostly feature average camera equipment. When you click a picture, it may appear stunning on its display but the moment you transfer it to any other hardware, there’s a possibility that the pixels will tear apart, and you might just end up with a poor looking image which is good of no use.


Yes, this is one key factor that makes budget smartphones way better than premium flagship phones. You will always see budget phone makers experimenting with new technologies and innovation to deliver us an enriching smartphone experience. Budget phones are not just affordable, but they also feature an advanced array of features that you definitely won’t find in an old flagship premium phone. And this fact most certainly makes budget phones irresistible compared to flagship phones.

Image Source: Business Today

For instance, the pop-up selfie feature was introduced way earlier in a bunch of Chinese smartphones, but it gained immense hype when One Plus flagship featured it with their latest smartphone model One Plus 7 Pro.


Image Source: OS X Daily

Security is a crucial element when it comes to buying a smartphone. Our smartphone is our most personal gadget which stores almost every personal information including emails, pictures, videos and more. Talking of comparison between flagship phones vs budget phones, the former offers much more security compared to the other. Flagship phones are released by renowned brands, so it somehow becomes their duty to keep our smartphone safe and secure from any potential threat. They keep releasing software security updates, bug fixes and performance improvements every now and then to make sure our device is consistently secured.

Design and Screen

Well, a budget phone will appear extremely eye-catchy and is designed in a way to please our eyes. But if it falls once, not even the almighty can save you! Budget phones mostly use cheaper alternatives for the screen body which are not resistant enough.

Design and Screen
Image Source: Smartprix

On the other hand, flagship premium phones are expensive to par so the products which are used are of high-end materials whether it’s the phone’s body or screen. Also, most flagship phones now feature an OLED display which offers a crisp sharp display resolution, and you can use your device for endless hours without hurting your eye-sight.

Battery Life

Battery Life
Image Source: Buy Mobiles

Budget phones are generally huge in size compared to flagship phones which are sleek and compact. So, budget phone makers use every inch of space wisely and pack these devices with big batteries that last for long hours. Flagship smartphones feature an advanced battery and it might take some time to fully-charge, but they deliver a better performance in the long run.


The debate between flagship phones vs budget phones could on for long but it’s time to reach up to a conclusion. So, believe it or not, it totally depends on your purpose of buying a smartphone and how willing are you to spend on it. If you’re a tech-savvy individual who loves to explore new features and technologies before anyone else, then going for budget phones seems like a decent choice. But if you’re a brand fanatic, and if you’re buying a smartphone as a one-time investment then you should pick any premium flagship smartphone model for yourself. And yes, got to mention that they still have an upper hand in the market compared to budget smartphones.

We hope this post will help you in making a better choice. Good luck!


  • comment_avtar
    Mike Blast
    Interesting article, thanks. One of the reasons why premium smartphones are so expensive is because manufacturers spend time and resources on developing up-to-date software for them. Updates help non-removable hardware cope with the growing volume of tasks longer. And besides, flagship rulers, as a rule, get more stable security fixes. To minimize the cost of the final product, manufacturers of low-cost smartphones in every possible way save on development. Budget phones are created according to the template, their unchanging design for years is the best confirmation of this. Good luck!

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Srishti Sisodia
      Hi Mike, Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked the content. For more tech updates, follow us on social media and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

      5 years ago

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