For Android

How To Clear Cache on Android

Have you ever seen a human growing younger with each passing day? No? Well that’s true! And its same for gadgets! You’d hardly find any gadget running smoother upon its use. But have you ever wondered why is it so? If we talk about com...

For Mac

Your Startup Disk is Almost Full – How to fix ?

Mac is preferred over Windows for its user interface, security features and most importantly for its swift operations. But the day when Mac user gets the message Your startup disk is almost full it hits very hard. Why, because soon your Ma...

For Windows

Best Anti Malware Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC In 2019

With the Internet becoming affordable, it is fairly easy for people to access it. From individuals to businesses, all of them use devices connected to the internet for storing and processing data, entertainment and other miscellaneous purpo...

Android N

Google’s is giving you the Chance to Name Android N!

Only Condition: It has to be a ‘Sweet’ name. You heard that right! Rack your brains and think of all your favorite sweet dishes starting with ‘N’ and Google just might take a fancy to it. Nutella, Nut Cake, Nutties? Keep the names c...


10 Ways to Protect your System from Hacker’s Attack

Ransomware has become talk of the town. Every other day, a new update pops out and shatter users’. Undoubtedly it has frightened people to an extent that some users have stopped using a few susceptibly infected services. This incident was...