Google Allo Can Reveal your Search History to Friends: Beware!

Another disheartening news for privacy preachers. A media report recently claimed that Google’s Allo can reveal your search history to friends and those you message—and that too without any definite warning. Google Allo is one smart me...

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Too many Popups? Learn How to Disable Them!

If you are seeing unwanted random pop up ads crawling all over your screen, ads from sources you don’t recognize & the website pages are being redirected here and there, then my pal your PC might be infected with infectious malware. ...

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Applications of LIDAR Technology

In the blog “A guide to what actually is LIDAR Technology” we discussed about some facts describing the basics of LIDAR Technology. Currently, LIDAR is known as one of the most effective ways of mapping, thanks to its efficient acquirem...

Identity Protector

How To Secure Your Netflix Account with a PIN Code

Be it House of Cards or Narcos! Netflix is our one stop location when it comes down to watching our favorite movies or TV shows online. It contains a lot of content which includes all kinds of television shows, movies, and documentaries. ...


9 Amazing YouTube Hacks You Never Knew Existed!

YouTube is our one stop destination for watching online videos and movies. Be it trailers, movies, or TV shows- you name it, and YouTube is the first name that comes to our minds. And the best part is that the website is extremely user frie...

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Latest from Apple: iOS 10.3 beta 5 for iPhone and iPad

Apple has recently rolled out a new developer beta version of iOS 10.3. Seems like they don’t wanna leave the headlines at all! Fortunately, all the registered developers can now download iOS 10.3 beta 5 version over-the-air or via Apple�...

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A Guide to what is actually LIDAR Technology!

LIDAR, from past 4 to 5 days, we all are hearing about this technology in news just because two well-known companies one an IT-Giant – Google and other the fast-growing cab service – Uber are fighting over it. Well, I am not going into ...