Blackberry KEYone Bronze Edition revealed at CES 2018

There  was a time when BlackBerry was not only considered as status symbol but also an ultimate choice for smartphone users. Then came Androids and iPhones that forced Blackberry to lose its loyal customer base.  Ultimately Blackberry was unable to adapt the market needs and fell into oblivion.

Then finally it was the year 2017 when its partnership with TCL open new doors of success with the release of Blackberry KEYone (a smartphone with physical keyboard) and Blackberry Motion. Both these smartphones received good response from the market making the year 2017 as a fruitful one for Blackberry.

Now in the year 2018 Blackberry seems to be quite optimistic about its phones, by unveiling its KEYone Bronze edition in CES 2018. The KEYone Bronze edition is a new variant of the already existing Blackberry KEYone in the market.

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What’s New?

Frankly speaking company has made no big changes in this phone when compared with already existing KEYone black edition apart from the color which has been changed from black to bronze. The choice of the color Bronze by the company is also a strange but bold move as we as consumers are not habitual of seeing this sort of color in a smartphone. However, when it was officially shown at CES 2018 it was looking much more attractive than everybody’s expectations. But only time will tell that how much this color is loved by the users when compared to the black and silver edition.

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Now moving on to the key specifications, its specifications are likely same as KEYone Black edition. This means this new color variant too has a screen size of 4.5 inch with resolution of 1620×1080 pixel. It is also powered by the processor Snapdragon 625 with 4 GB of RAM. If you are expecting somewhat like a dual camera then you will be disappointed as still this bronze edition has a 12 MP rear camera. Moreover, you still have a storage capacity of 64 Gb to store all your videos, audios, images etc. Also, company will yet again be releasing this KEYone Bronze edition equipped with keyboard as its predecessors black and silver edition. As company feels that the equipped keyboard has added more convenience and enhanced functionalities.

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Really, Nothing New?

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But all this doesn’t mean that company has just produced a replica with a color change. This new Blackberry KEYone Bronze Edition is going to enhance its network capability by providing dual sim support. This surely going to help the frequent travelers from the headache of changing the SIM each time they travel. But a little disappointing thing is that this added functionality comes for the sake of microSD card slot. This means now you cannot increase your phone’s memory and you have to live with 64Gb storage no matter it satisfies your needs or not.

When to Expect?

Excited and wish to grab this new Blackberry KEYone Bronze Edition, then you have to wait until the end of this first quarter. As company is in no mood to deliver this phone earlier. Also, the initial will also start in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, where dual Sim phones are more preferred.

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Talking about price, then though the price is not yet officially revealed, but is expected to be somewhere around 550 USD which one pays for Blackberry KEYone Black Edition.

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