Bizarre Things That You Didn’t Know Are Vulnerable To Hacking

Hackers are just as normal as we are, the only difference that makes a clear demarcation is their exceptional knowledge of codes and exploiting the loopholes.

As we keep concentrating on our bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallet, laptops, and smartphones, they are constantly up to finding new ways of making you bankrupt or at least shock you to the core! Although they have not made any major attacks using some unusual things, you should be prepared enough so that you are not the next victim. So, let’s get started and take a look at the list which makes you well informed about the things that are on the verge of getting hacked!

Car Breaks

Yes, the upgraded and automated cars have made our life easier than ever, but have you even given it a thought that your entire system is connected on the network and you definitely don’t want to imagine the consequences of someone else controlling your brakes while you drive on the busy streets. So, do not rely excessively on these automated systems instead try to manually control things unless there is an emergency.

Hospital Equipment’s

hospital equipment


Nowadays, we use high-tech gadgets and machines to check our medical conditions and treat them. But if you are at a hospital in which the equipment’s are connected via an ethernet cable, you should be alert. This might shock you but by searching some terms on the Internet or on Shodan (a search engine), you can easily locate the X-Ray scanners, infusion pumps, and even MRIs. And if they can be located, they can be hacked as well. Unless you are planning to see abnormal reports of your tests, you should consider going to different medical facility.

Smart Toilets

Smart tiolets


Didn’t we get too excited when the smart toilets were introduced? But these smart toilets are not friends whom we could rely on entirely! As they are connected to a network, they may get a little out of hand. Believe us when we say this, nobody wants to have water sprinkles in loo or the worst, being stuck without water!

Emergency Broadcast System

Although no one has still done that and caused havoc, but they are always at the stake of being attacked! If one can do it for fun, they can certainly create chaos and confusion on large scale. So, if you see something on the broadcast systems, always double-check that before panicking.

Gas Pumps

Gas pump


There have been several attacks on gas pumps which either caused denial of services, or poured wrong fuel in the tanks (because of which the engines could be destroyed) and caused many other small attacks that have irritated the users and their customers.

This is not an exhaustive list of things that are at stake of getting attacked! There are many more to the list. But we have given a list of a few strangest things. On a serious note if we are connected, we are at the verge of being targeted. But what if we already have been? How to identify that? Well, read the points given below and check for yourself!

  • You get older emails again and again.
  • New programs suddenly start prompting for permissions.
  • You start losing control of your system.
  • It restarts frequently.
  • You notice strange browser history.
  • Your systems become slower than ever.
  • Suspicious activities are being noticed.

Moreover, if a huge enterprise has been hacked recently, then be wise and change your password swiftly. If you notice any of these signs, then following steps can help you out. Do not start panicking and then:



Isolate Your System

It doesn’t mean that you have to keep it another room where nobody can see it. Just pull off all the strings through which the attacker might try to steal your data. Disconnect the net connection and you’d restrict the attacker from taking a toll on your life.

Shutdown And Remove The Hard Drive

Firstly, you got to shut down the system properly so that your data remains disoriented, and then remove the hard drive so that you can retrieve your crucial files.

Scan Your Data

Once you have a hold on all your essential files, you can get your system scanned. Install an effective antivirus program so that you can stay safe next time.

You can also format your hard drive, reinstall the OS and install updates, and scan again to check if the threats are still there!

We would recommend you that instead of this hustle and bustle later. If you too have suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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