Biggest Hits and Flops of Apple Inc. of All Time

When giants are concerned, Apple gets its fair share of attention. Most certainly, the late Steve Jobs has done amazing things to give us some of most incredible gadgets we have today. While we never miss out on any of Apple’s launches, not all of them are the ones you’d want to lay your hands on.

Since its inception, Apple has launched countless gadgets and has tried to make technology a commodity for the discerning user. However, not all of its products have delivered on the promises made. On the other hand, there is the iPhone or MacBook Pro. So here’s taking a look at Apples 10 big hits and misses.


  1. iPod:

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We’ll start with 2001 when Steve Jobs delivered, as promised, 1000 songs in users’ pockets. Yes, it was iPod, a portable mp3 player which revolutionized the personal music experience. In no time, it had enormous sales and people loved using iPod to have their personalized collection of music. However, its sales have slowed down over the years as users have now started using their iPhone for storing their favorite tracks.

  1. iPhone:


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iPhone was created to cater to the high-end smartphone user category. It started in 2007 when iPhone 1st gen was launched. Its exclusive features, closed operating system and tight security has continued to impress users. Although it had started with a small market base, today it has become one of the most sought after smartphones. The most recent model, iPhone 7, further enhanced the smartphone experience with variations such as no jack for headphones, stereo speakers, etc.

  1. MacBook:


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Apple computers are well known for its security and user interface. Apple went a step ahead with MacBook, its notebook computer launched in 2006. It replaced iBook series and 12-inch PowerBook series. In a nutshell, if we were to describe MacBook Pro in simple terms, it was the smartest computer of the time.

  1. iTunes:


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iTunes was introduced in 1998 and continues to be favorite to present day. It was started as a plain music player platform. However, it has turned into a sophisticated multimedia content manager. The software today is used by users worldwide for managing media content, creating playlists, synchronizing media content with handheld devices including the iPod, iPhone and iPad and for many more things.

  1. iPad:


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iPad was introduced in early 2010. As we know, it’s a tablet computer, possessing smartphone and Mac qualities. An iPad can be used to shoot video, take photos, play music, perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions include gaming, GPS navigation, social networking, etc., which are subject to downloading and installing apps.


  1. eWorld:


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In mid 90s, Apple came up with eWorld, which was an attempt to compete with AOL. AOL was one of the pioneers of Internet services in the States, back then. eWorld was designed with similar functions such as ‘walled garden’ environment with different city buildings representing different functions. However, this didn’t end up being one of the most successful attempt since it was way too expensive and was compatible only with Macintosh computers. Henceforth, the service was soon taken down, sometime during 1996.

  1. Puck Mouse:


Image Source:

Thankfully we don’t have such devices now, phew! Apple came out with these round mouse in 1998 which were given away with Macs. These were criticized instantly for being unwieldy and difficult to use. In addition, it had incredibly short cord, henceforth, their production ceased and was replaced with Apple Pro Mouse

  1. Lisa:


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Lisa had come as one of the most brilliant technology but had its share of bugs. They were the first personal computer which offered graphical user interface. While graphics were introduced for the first time, the computer was extremely slow and hard to use. In addition, it came out with a higher price tag that happened to be $10,000. With all these cons, Lisa wasn’t a popular hit amongst users and Apple had to drop the idea.

  1. The Apple Newton:

Well, if you were told to write anything on a display, which would then turn into proper fonts, will it be of any use? Perhaps, this was the case with Apple’s Newton. In 1987, Apple attempted to get into developing PDA market (which resulted in Apple Newton) and tried to offer something different to users. However, it was too bad and barely worked. It was infamously mocked on a Simpons episode too!


According to CNET: In the episode Lisa On Ice, school bully Dolph tries to write a memo to “beat up Martin”, the squeaky voiced know it all. It comes out “Eat up Martha”, at which the unlucky tablet is hurled in the direction of the aforementioned dork.

  1. Power Mac G4 Cube:


Image Source:

Apple also develop a power computer, designed as a cuboid. Certainly, Cube Mac had won the best design award but couldn’t make it up to user shelves for longer. The computer came out in 2000 and lasted only for a year. They were way too expensive and didn’t include a monitor of any kind.

Did we miss any of the biggest hits or misses by Apple? Let us know in the comments below!

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