Biggest iOS 10 Announcements from Apple WWDC 2016 – At a Glance

If World Wide Developer’s Conference is anything to go by, Apple has loads in store for their fans. WWDC is Apple’s very own tech expo – Developer’s Conference can’t get bigger than this – and draws a lot of attention from all and sundry. So without further delay, let’s give you a brief of all the goodies Apple has lined up for iOS users.

Apple has become a force to reckon with as far as tech space is concerned. It is no surprise then that the company has announced new product lines, software, and updates on its major platforms.

Apple Pay, Apple Music, iOS 10, Apple Maps, Apple News, WatchOS and OS X , there were announcements for all of these and the expo is on till June 17! We decided give you the details on the ‘Big Fish’ i.e. iOS 10. We’d already covered expected iOS10 features in an earlier post.

So. finally Apple lifted the veils of what the iOS 10 experience is going to be like. There will be a lot of features that’s going to make using your iPhone and iPad easier and sleek. To start with the newest OS will refurbish the two basic components viz. the lock screen and home screen. The move has been made to make it easy for users to get access to information faster. The current functioning, one has to admit, is quite complicated.

Apple WWDC 2016 iOS Updates

Some of the other cool features iOS 10 will be packed with:

Raise to wake — Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The moment you pick up the phone, display will be unlocked. From there the user would be able to see his lock specifications and widgets with live information.

Universal Clipboard — Okay, now this is probably the coolest. What this is going to do is synchronize all your Apple devices. So if you are copying a piece of text, image, or link to the iPhone Universal Clipboard, it’ll be stored on all of your Apple devices. Didn’t we tell you, this was cool!

Automatic App Download — Quite simply, when you download an app on iPhone, it’s going to install itself on your iPad and Apple TV machine. You can disable this feature, in case you don’t want auto- installation.

Photos App —It’s just going to make your memories that little bit more nostalgic. Say a trip with family country house will be linked together in a cluster on iOS 10. What’s more the Photos App can even stitch photos together to create photo reels.

Apple Maps — This definitely wasn’t among Apple’s best features but they redesigned it to make it more accurate and useful. The controversial navigation app has been resigned and is now more accurate, useful and proactive. The new UX includes support for traffic updates. Apple is also opening Maps to other developers so you can expect more functionalities to be added to it.

Phone app — Features added include the ability to take voicemail transcriptions. So this basically means you can just read the message and not listen to the voicemails. The Phone app also boasts of a spam filter. So you won’t get sales calls or some offer that are you are least interested in.

Apple Music & News — This was another weak link in Apple’s chain of software and products. So the new phone OS is going to make Apple Music and News UX neater and hassle-free for users.

Next big news we are going to talk about is OS X being renames macOS. So watch this space.

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