Beware: A Control Center Bug can Crash Your iOS!

Every now and then weird bugs lead to iOS crash or restart when a certain string of actions are performed. Recently, a new control center bug popped out which can crash you iOS for a few seconds. The issue stems from Control Center and while incredibly unrealistic for accidental occurrences, it’s still not worth addressing by Apple.

Initially noted by Italian site AmiciApple, this specific bug is exhibited in iOS forms as later as the most recent iOS 10.3.2 beta version is brought by a minor flaw in Control Center. Even though it is impossible that a vast majority will ever figure out how to keep running into it coincidentally. If they do, their device will simply experience a freeze, with SpringBoard restarting as a result.

How to Fix it?

In case you happen to face this bug then all you need to do is:

Pull up Control Center, at the same time select one alternative from the bottom bar (Alarm Clock, Calculator, or Camera), Night Shift, and AirDrop. You need to use three fingers to tap them at the same time and it might take a few times to actually work.

What will happen is your device will freeze for a few seconds, then it will automatically “re-spring” and everything will return to normal. In some cases, however, it doesn’t automatically re-spring and you’ll have to manually reboot your device completely.

A Control Center Bug can Crash Your iOS!

Here’s how the bug Actually Occur

As you can most likely tell in the below video and with the earlier directions, something like this isn’t probably going to happen coincidentally. Much of the time, it will probably happen when a user sets out to do it to their device or to a friend’s device.

Like we said earlier, this is unlikely to happen naturally given the number of simultaneous taps required, but we still hope it gets fixed at some point.

So, did you also experienced an iOS crash of this kind? Let us know in the comments and also which device operating system you’re currently using!

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