Best Ways To Use Voice Control

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all” ~ Arvo Part

The earlier influential voice used to be the way to control your kids, employees and more. Voice has become a new way to control your devices. Now with the digital assistants and smart devices, you can control your day to day activities. Setting an appointment, booking a table in your favorite restaurant, sending an email to your clients and more.

Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon and other brands have adapted all this and have voice assistant for their devices, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby on smartphones, TVs or speakers. Well, all of these can simplify our work but can’t beat the work done by buttons and keyboard, like not now. So, we can’t imagine the devices being controlled entirely with the help of voice.

However, we can know about the best ways in which you can control devices with voice. In this post, we have listed some of the best ways to use voice control. Read on!


Use Your Voice To Control Smart Home Devices:

With your smartphone, you can control all the devices with smart technology whether it’s light bulbs or thermostats. With the gradual increase of internet-enabled devices, you need to tackle more and more apps to handle the devices. If you have a smart speaker or use your smartphone along with a voice to command. Ask Siri to dim the lights or reduce the temperature.

Seek Help At The Time Of Emergency:

Let’s say you are in emergency state and your phone is not in your reach, and you have no means to call your family to inform something’s wrong? If you own Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can command them to connect to your contacts however you can’t contact emergency services via these digital assistants. Amazon Echo has a limitation that it can call only other Echo devices and phones having Alexa app on them. You can initiate video calls via Amazon Echo. Wherein, Google Home can call almost all mobile and landline numbers.

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Get Results Faster

Typing a query is slower than registering a query with voice. Things such as how’s the weather? How to convert cm into m and checking stock rates and more. All of these are easily handled when used voice instead of typing the whole thing.

What If You Don’t Like To Read:

Reading is considered to be great as it puts your brain to work. However, you don’t want to read when you are in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be great, you get your whole schedule, weather, catch the latest news while doing other chores? Also, when you want to read the audio books, your digital assistant will do that for you.

Don’t You Love Reminders

In this busy life and tight schedule, we can forget our daily chores. Getting a reminder for things such as picking up groceries, medicines or your friend’s birthday. It is a kind of alarm, which reminds you of a task pending, with the digital assistant informing you about them.

On-screen Keyboards Usage Is A Punishment

Using an on-screen keyboard with a Television remote can be painful. It is like using a 90’s computer! The cursor moves very slow, you can sense as it approaches to each letter. It is quite irritating, and anyone can get impatient as pressing buttons for a long time is it funny. Moreover, it is prone to error. So, use your voice to give commands and search your favorite series on your TV with ease. However, this technology is not available for every TV. In near future, hopefully, the TV would be replaced by these, giving you better control and fast results.

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Preparing A-List

Prepare a shopping list to stay stocked with the things you need. Every time you run out a thing, just tell your digital assistant to add it to the list. It will store the list via a certain app according to the digital assistant used on the phone. So, next time when you are in a supermarket, you can get what you want by just checking the list.

So, these are some of the ways in which we can voice control in the best way possible. Try it and let us know in the comments below.

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