6 Best Smart Lights to Enlighten Your Christmas

The countdown for Christmas is soon about to end and we’re already hearing the jingles around! Well, Christmas is nothing without lights and that’s quite true. We all want to decorate our Christmas tree and house with the best string lights and accessories, whether it’s about impressing our guests or simply to warm our heart.

Best Smart lights Christmas

So, have you already purchased Christmas lights yet? Well, if not then we’ve got a better idea for you! You can enlighten your Christmas 2018 with these 7 best smart lights that will surely make your Christmas merrier and happier. There’s a wide variety of Christmas smart lights available online that can upgrade the decor of your house in the most beautiful way possible.

Why Choose Smart Lights Over Anything Else?

As technology is embedded in almost everything we use, why not use it to make our Christmas better? One unique advantage of using smart lights over normal Christmas lights is the fact that you can control them right from your smartphone. You can combine a group of lights via one smart plug and do group automation, schedule the lights, control the light intensity and more.

Let’s get ready and start preparing for this festive season before time runs out.

Twinkly Smart LightsTwinkly Smart LightsTwinkly smart lights can beautifully wrap your Christmas tree leaving no space behind. They include 204 lightning LED light bulbs that can add a spark to your Christmas decor this year. Once you’ve wrapped these lights on the Christmas tree, you can connect to the Twinkly mobile app and set beautiful light patterns and colors, choose your own preset design and control the placement of the lights via your Smartphone. If you’re buying more than one set of Twinkly smart lights then you can also connect it to your home WiFi and control it via Google Home.

Qedertek Smart Lights

Qedertek Smart LightsQedertek smart lights can enlighten your Christmas like never before. One feature that makes Qedertek lights unique from Twinkly is the fact that they can coordinate and lit with the music that’s playing around. Isn’t that awesome? Qedertek Christmas lights also include a timer and schedule function that you can control via the app and turn on/off the lights as soon as you arrive or leave home. These lights are great for outdoor as they’re waterproof so if you’ve kept your Christmas tree outside you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Nanoleaf AuroraNanoleaf Aurora

The Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit can turn your house in a warm cozy Christmas environment. These are WiFi enabled wall-mounted smart lights that’s specially designed while keeping Christmas in mind. You can use the Nanoleaf mobile app to control the lights and create beautiful designs and patterns. Nanoleaf lights can also be synced to the music around and can impress your guests, family, and friends like never before. Buy it now and get all prepped up for the festive season!


LIFX Z is a thin smart LED strip that you can put anywhere around your house to make your Christmas Eve LIT. They’re available at a super affordable cost of approx. 80$ and can sure add a festive vibe on this Christmas.

TOFU Laser Projector LightTOFU Laser Projector Light

Yes, we know you’re all stressed up about how to decorate your house this Christmas. Well, TOFU Laser projector light can make things easier and help you in decorating your house this holiday season. These amazing LED lights cover around 2150 square feet of surface area and project hundreds of tiny dots of lights to make your house look like a fairy tale.

Lumenplay Starter SetLumenplay Starter Set

Lumenplay starter set is an affordable and simple option to decorate your house. It consists of 24 tiny LED bulbs that can be controlled via a mobile app. You can also change the color and pattern of the lights via the app and ad custom light effects to brighten up your house.

So fellas, here were some of the best smart lights for Christmas that you can grab end-minute to up your decor game this holiday season. Customize these lights and make your house look pretty as heaven!

Hope Y’all have wonderful Christmas folks!

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