10 Best Restaurant Waitlist App For Android

Running a business efficiently is the need of hour, as with heavy competition business owners will only be able to sustain if they stay up to date about emerging strategies and trends. Restaurant owners try their best to run their business smoothly by understanding customer expectations and by providing the best food alongside service.

Technology can help us in many ways to enhance the level of service everywhere and ‘Restaurant Waitlist Apps’ are one of such tools. These apps help customers know the wait timing for a particular restaurant, before stepping out for a meal.

Best Free Restaurant Waitlist App For Android

So, if you are planning to eat out today, then it is better to check waitlist for popular restaurants around you. To make things easy here are some best restaurant waitlist apps which solves this purpose for you.

1. Waitlist Me:

Waitlist Me

The application was previously known as Nosh list. The application has gained popularity because it is having a functionality to send notifications through calls and SMS. Some of the key features of this includes flexibility to add remove seats. Downloadable reports, capability to get synced over your multiple devices, effective queue management and reservations for future and for same day. Apart from all these features the application is easy to use and having a simple interface.

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2. The list:

The list- restaurant seating app

The application allows you to find the wait time of your favorite restaurant. Whenever the table is ready you can walk like a premium guest. You can also view restaurant menu online so that you can order the food and it can get ready by time you reach the restaurant.

3. Wait List for Your Business:

Wait List for Your Business

Another app which is specially for the business owners it helps to manage waitlist over the app instead of paper. On the other hand, customers can also get lined in using the app and they will get a notification on their device as soon as the wait is over. The application is compatible for both tablet and smartphones which makes it easily useable and one of the best restaurant waitlist app.

4. Ambient Waitlist:

Ambient Waitlist

For all those who want to make a reservation online in a restaurant or want to accept online reservations Ambient Waitlist is an effective waitlist management app. Customers can match their cell phone numbers and names to locate their relevant tables.  Customer can make online reservations or by coming to the restaurant. They receive a confirmation message prior to the reservation date. All these features make one of the best restaurant seating app.

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5. mReserve:

mReserve - waitlist management app

Another restaurant seating app for free is mReserve. Either a booking is made on an online portal or on social media platform m reserve help you to manage them all very well. You will see name contact number and the time for which reservation has been done all on the same place. With one tap it is easy to check in and check out customers. If you are going out for a meal, then application makes it easier for you to book a table because it is having a simple interface and gives you flexibility to add people with reservation time.

6. You’re Next:

You are Next - restaurant waitlist app

With this application this will become easier for you to manage footfalls on your restaurant. You can add table layout and can easily reserve seats for customers. The application is also having a capability to clear old data automatically this keeps it sorted and light weight on your disk. Color them for the application is like traffic lights where red green and yellow indicates wait time.

7. OpenTable:

OpenTable - restaurant seating app

Opentable solves multiple purposes for you. It allows you to explore, reserve and manage the reservations for your restaurant. Customer can find real pictures of restaurant interiors along with menu, table details and reviews. On the app you will also get reward points which you can redeem while booking a table next time. The application supports multiple countries so if you are planning to travel and looking for an app which can work in multiple countries then you can choose this app.

8. DineDesk:

DineDesk -restaurant seating app for free

If you aim is to manage all aspects of marketing for your restaurant then you should choose this application. For those restaurants who charge reservation fees it is a perfect application to get the fees and to notify customers when their reservation is done. The application is ready to run on both tablets and smartphones and you can also configure different table layouts.

9. NoWait:

NoWait-waitlist management app

No Wait is a popular application when it comes to waitlist applications yelp bought No wait the restaurant reservation app in early 2017. It is a two-way application which gives enough data and stats about the wait time of a restaurant to customers and to a restaurant owner. The application also reveals average turnaround time which helps restaurant owners to enhance quality of services.

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10. Q Waitlist Guest App:.

Q Waitlist Guest App

 Like a great wait time app, the application also allows you to check the wait time of restaurants in real time. When the wait time is below 20 minutes you can book a table for free and if the wait time is greater than 20 minutes it may cost you to make a reservation. You can use this restaurant seating app if you are going to eat out with your friends or family

Note: This app has been discontinued.

So, these were the best restaurant waitlist apps you can pick any of them as per your choice and requirement some of them are the best suitable for the restaurant owners while some of them are for those who are heading out for a meal. Get your table booked and instead of standing to wait walk like a pro when it is your turn.

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